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Storify: SPN Production Tweets From Last Week & Weekend

Finally got caught up on last week's tweets about filming 10x01 and all the Comic Con fun over the weekend. Phew! That was a lot to take care of, considering there were a ton of tweets from SPN's big day on Sunday. I broke Sunday up into 4 parts. :P

https://storify.com/Valerie613/spn-production-s10-10x01-day-2 (& 3)

https://storify.com/Valerie613/spn-production-s10-10x01-day-3-and-4 (this is actually day 4 & 5)

https://storify.com/Valerie613/spn-production-s10-10x01-day-5 (and this is day 6)


https://storify.com/Valerie613/spn-production-s10-comiccon-sunday (Part 1 - Partying from Sat. night)

https://storify.com/Valerie613/spn-production-s10-comiccon-sunday-part-2 (SPN Panel)

https://storify.com/Valerie613/spn-production-s10-comiccon-sunday-part-3 (Autographs & Press Interviews)

https://storify.com/Valerie613/spn-production-s10-comiccon-sunday-part-4 (NerdHQ Panel)

Usual spoiler warnings apply: Don't click and read if you don't want to know.

Tags: conventions, spoilers, storify, supernatural, twitter
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