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NerdHQ SPN Panel 2014 Caps

Finally got these all uploaded! Only took 3 days. :P

There are a ton of caps here (over 2,000), but I've also got a Highlight Cap set if you want to download a smaller sampling. My one problem with these caps is the poor exposure thanks to that darned humongous video screen behind the guys. Grrrr. Did what I could with them and hope you enjoy.


:: Cap Size: 1280 x 720 :: No hotlinking, please! :: Credit me, raloria when taking/using/re-posting :: Comments are LOVE! ♥

Full Set of Caps (2,066 Total):
NerdHQ SPN Panel 2014 Caps by Raloria - Pt 1.zip (555.6 MB)
NerdHQ SPN Panel 2014 Caps by Raloria - Pt 2.zip (536.4 MB)

Set of Highlight Caps (219 Total):
NerdHQ SPN Panel 2014 Highlight Caps by Raloria.zip (118.6 MB)

// Click on the thumbnails for the full sized caps. //

NerdHQSPN2014_158 NerdHQSPN2014_228 NerdHQSPN2014_233 NerdHQSPN2014_246 NerdHQSPN2014_264 NerdHQSPN2014_322 NerdHQSPN2014_355 NerdHQSPN2014_376 NerdHQSPN2014_440 NerdHQSPN2014_467 NerdHQSPN2014_601 NerdHQSPN2014_639 NerdHQSPN2014_668 NerdHQSPN2014_681 NerdHQSPN2014_713 NerdHQSPN2014_732 NerdHQSPN2014_771 NerdHQSPN2014_816 NerdHQSPN2014_923 NerdHQSPN2014_982 NerdHQSPN2014_1003 NerdHQSPN2014_1010 NerdHQSPN2014_1057 NerdHQSPN2014_1087 NerdHQSPN2014_1120 NerdHQSPN2014_1125 NerdHQSPN2014_1165 NerdHQSPN2014_1190 NerdHQSPN2014_1195 NerdHQSPN2014_1200 NerdHQSPN2014_1215 NerdHQSPN2014_1223 NerdHQSPN2014_1230 NerdHQSPN2014_1235 NerdHQSPN2014_1255 NerdHQSPN2014_1282 NerdHQSPN2014_1283 NerdHQSPN2014_1292 NerdHQSPN2014_1297 NerdHQSPN2014_1319 NerdHQSPN2014_1322 NerdHQSPN2014_1332 NerdHQSPN2014_1359 NerdHQSPN2014_1377 NerdHQSPN2014_1417 NerdHQSPN2014_1423 NerdHQSPN2014_1441 NerdHQSPN2014_1449 NerdHQSPN2014_1453 NerdHQSPN2014_1513 NerdHQSPN2014_1514 NerdHQSPN2014_1598 NerdHQSPN2014_1620 NerdHQSPN2014_1626 NerdHQSPN2014_1653 NerdHQSPN2014_1666 NerdHQSPN2014_1684 NerdHQSPN2014_1685 NerdHQSPN2014_1713 NerdHQSPN2014_1714 NerdHQSPN2014_1755 NerdHQSPN2014_1779 NerdHQSPN2014_1783 NerdHQSPN2014_1789 NerdHQSPN2014_1791 NerdHQSPN2014_1793 NerdHQSPN2014_1799 NerdHQSPN2014_1813 NerdHQSPN2014_1815 NerdHQSPN2014_1821 NerdHQSPN2014_1827 NerdHQSPN2014_1842 NerdHQSPN2014_1851 NerdHQSPN2014_1858 NerdHQSPN2014_1869 NerdHQSPN2014_1870 NerdHQSPN2014_1905 NerdHQSPN2014_1910 NerdHQSPN2014_2001 NerdHQSPN2014_2014 

Tags: actors: jared padalecki, actors: jensen ackles, actors: mark sheppard, actors: misha collins, conventions, goodies, picspam
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