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SPN Comic Con 2014 Panel by Clevver Caps

This is the first of 2 sets of caps made from SDCC SPN panel videos on youtube. This one by Clevver was broken up into 2 videos. Unfortunately, this meant they also missed Osric's appearance. Boo! They relied a lot on the large screen, but the angle isn't too bad.

Anyway, you can download the full set of caps in the zipped folder or save from the 49 selected caps posted below.
Enjoy! :D

SPNCC2014Clev_158 SPNCC2014Clev_163 SPNCC2014Clev_190 

:: Cap Size: 1280 x 720 :: No hotlinking, please! :: Credit me, raloria when taking/using/re-posting :: Comments are LOVE! ♥

Full Set of Caps (374 Total):
SPN SDCC Panel 2014 - Clevver Caps by Raloria.zip (215.1 MB)

// Click on the thumbnails for the full sized caps. //

SPNCC2014Clev_026 SPNCC2014Clev_028 SPNCC2014Clev_033 SPNCC2014Clev_039 SPNCC2014Clev_046 SPNCC2014Clev_053 SPNCC2014Clev_057 SPNCC2014Clev_067 SPNCC2014Clev_078 SPNCC2014Clev_082 SPNCC2014Clev_086 SPNCC2014Clev_092 SPNCC2014Clev_098 SPNCC2014Clev_100 SPNCC2014Clev_101 SPNCC2014Clev_109 SPNCC2014Clev_110 SPNCC2014Clev_120 SPNCC2014Clev_126 SPNCC2014Clev_129 SPNCC2014Clev_140 SPNCC2014Clev_144 SPNCC2014Clev_147 SPNCC2014Clev_152 SPNCC2014Clev_158 SPNCC2014Clev_163 SPNCC2014Clev_168 SPNCC2014Clev_174 SPNCC2014Clev_178 SPNCC2014Clev_190 SPNCC2014Clev_201 SPNCC2014Clev_203 SPNCC2014Clev_210 SPNCC2014Clev_217 SPNCC2014Clev_229 SPNCC2014Clev_236 SPNCC2014Clev_242 SPNCC2014Clev_245 SPNCC2014Clev_248 SPNCC2014Clev_251 SPNCC2014Clev_270 SPNCC2014Clev_281 SPNCC2014Clev_286 SPNCC2014Clev_292 SPNCC2014Clev_317 SPNCC2014Clev_332 SPNCC2014Clev_337 SPNCC2014Clev_351 SPNCC2014Clev_352 

Tags: actors: jared padalecki, actors: jensen ackles, actors: mark sheppard, actors: misha collins, conventions, goodies, picspam
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