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SPN Comic Con 2014 Panel by Flicks & The City Caps

Here's my 2nd set of Comic Con panel caps of the SPN cast. This video was from a different angle, so they didn't use the giant screen quite as much. The video also included the entire panel, including Jensen's intro of the 10x03 Sizzle Reel.

You can download the full set of caps in the zipped folder or save from the 74 selected caps posted below.
Enjoy! :D

SPNCC2014_085 SPNCC2014_171 SPNCC2014_545 

:: Cap Size: 1280 x 720 :: No hotlinking, please! :: Credit me, raloria when taking/using/re-posting :: Comments are LOVE! ♥

Full Set of Caps (615 Total):
SPN SDCC Panel 2014 Caps by Raloria.zip (316.4 MB)

// Click on the thumbnails for the full sized caps. //

SPNCC2014_003 SPNCC2014_008 SPNCC2014_016 SPNCC2014_043 SPNCC2014_055 SPNCC2014_057 SPNCC2014_061 SPNCC2014_070 SPNCC2014_072 SPNCC2014_085 SPNCC2014_093 SPNCC2014_096 SPNCC2014_100 SPNCC2014_107 SPNCC2014_115 SPNCC2014_120 SPNCC2014_122 SPNCC2014_127 SPNCC2014_134 SPNCC2014_148 SPNCC2014_167 SPNCC2014_171 SPNCC2014_174 SPNCC2014_177 SPNCC2014_182 SPNCC2014_199 SPNCC2014_206 SPNCC2014_209 SPNCC2014_214 SPNCC2014_223 SPNCC2014_234 SPNCC2014_244 SPNCC2014_250 SPNCC2014_253 SPNCC2014_256 SPNCC2014_281 SPNCC2014_301 SPNCC2014_310 SPNCC2014_317 SPNCC2014_323 SPNCC2014_350 SPNCC2014_358 SPNCC2014_369 SPNCC2014_373 SPNCC2014_375 SPNCC2014_377 SPNCC2014_387 SPNCC2014_399 SPNCC2014_407 SPNCC2014_412 SPNCC2014_424 SPNCC2014_429 SPNCC2014_442 SPNCC2014_460 SPNCC2014_462 SPNCC2014_471 SPNCC2014_474 SPNCC2014_475 SPNCC2014_484 SPNCC2014_487 SPNCC2014_534 SPNCC2014_535 SPNCC2014_541 SPNCC2014_545 SPNCC2014_548 SPNCC2014_567 SPNCC2014_571 SPNCC2014_591 SPNCC2014_598 SPNCC2014_601 SPNCC2014_604 SPNCC2014_605 SPNCC2014_607 SPNCC2014_610 

Tags: actors: jared padalecki, actors: jensen ackles, actors: mark sheppard, actors: misha collins, conventions, goodies, picspam
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