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VanCon 2014: Friday

Whew! Just got back from karaoke. Awesomness!!!
No Matt, but Tahmoh, Adam, Lauren, Osric, Rob, Chad & Richard were all there along w/ Jim Michaels. Mama Tran can ROCK! Oh! And Gil was amazing.

I shot lots of videos so I'll be posting those once I get home.

Anyway, Rob is so cute! Osric dressed up and Lauren had something to say about that! Totally channeled Mama Tran! Adam, Dan, & Chad were funny and charming. And Gil...so handsome and delightful!

Speaking of Gil...during photo-ops he recognized me from Twitter and urging Creation to invite him to this con! OMG! That was a thrill! He shook my hand so sweetly (both hands!) And thanked me! *swoons*

Autos were a little crazy, but moved along quickly and thankfully karaoke started on time. Great fun, but my back & feet are killing me. Time to get some sleep for a full Saturday that starts early.

Won't be doing a Just 'Cause post tonight. Just too late. Hopefully I can give you another brief report after Saturday.

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