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VanCon 2014: Saturday & Sunday

Doing a little catchup here from my phone again...

Saturday was a full and very long day, which I anticipated. Six panels, twelve guests, and I had nine photo-ops. :p

Such a delight to finaly meet Tahmoh. He's so tall...and STRONG! He shook my hand and...ooph! Didn't see much of Gil and Osric's panel, but they seemed to have a good time despite their "odd pairing" for a panel. Richard, Matt, & Rob were funny as always - even acting out some crazy scene for us. Mark, true to form, didn't answer many questions. Then was the production panel w/ Jim, Kevin, Adam and Russ. It was very informative and good to hear them talk about what the process is to write an ep and a season. Finally, Misha unleased his mayhem, including turning Richard & Rob into his manservants.

Was very happy that Jim Michaels remembered me from last year. :)
The Caberat show was a lot of fun, with a nervous Osric showing off his new guitar & singing skills. Gil sang a couple of songs as well, one that I got on video. Also briefly went to the cocktail party and danced a bit.

Now for Sunday...

By now everyone knows that history was made during the Gold panel: Jensen has finally, officially joined Twitter! It was fun to track how fast his followers grew within an hour. The photo-ops went well well and I'm happy with all but my Jared pic. As for Jensen, all I can say is Aaaaarrrrmmmmsssssss! ;)

Alaina & Marks panel was quite fun, with Mark again avoiding answering most of the questions. Then it was the boys! Can't remember much of what happened but I got a lot of great photos and of course...JENSEN SINGING!!! Misha wrapped up the day withhis own quirky humor.

I. Am. Beat. But oh, what a great fun I had!
Must sleep now. Location hunting in the morning. ;)

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