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Jensen makes TV Goodness's 10 Reasons TV Made Us Happy This Week List

Not only did he make the list, he's at #1! :D
Am I happy Jensen's on Twitter at long last? Oh, hell yeah! I must say he's learning quickly (like I expected any less of him) and I love that he's already been tweeting some pics of himself over the weekend. Can't wait until he uses it when SPN resumes airing 'cause you KNOW he's gotta do that, right?

1. Supernatural‘s Jensen Ackles joins Twitter. How did we get so lucky to be part of the Supernatural fandom? There was so much goodness that came out of last week’s #VanCon2014. Jensen singing a snippet of Warrant’s “Heaven;” the boys talking about their favorite iterations of Sam and Dean; and Jensen doing Christian Bale’s Batman voice — along with Jared’s reaction to it — were all awesome moments to behold (I wasn’t there. I had to watch it online). But the best news to come out of the convention had to be Jensen finally deciding to go all social media on us. Don’t get me wrong. I was glad he resisted for as long as he did. But once he joined the Twitter-verse, I realized I have no idea what I was thinking. It’s only been a week and he already seems to be getting used to the tweet life, don’t you guys think? –Tina What TV-related things made you happy recently?


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