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When am I gonna learn?

128 GB Flash Drives officially SUCK!

Years ago I had one by Kingston that got all corrupted and I had to format it. Lost all the files. It's still kinda touchy.

Bought a new one recently...PNY this time. I've had lots of flash drives by this company, so I thought it was safe. No such luck. My Mac won't recognize it anymore. Tried Disk Utility and it can't repair it. Gah!

Wouldn't you know...I put the VanCon 2014 photos on there that I had cropped and was going to post as Fanart. So I'll most likely have to re-do those all over again. And I can't even remember what else was on the flash drive - important stuff, I'm sure. Grrrrr.

I'm trying to search for some kind of free software that will recover the files...if possible.

Luckily, the VanCon photos themselves are backed up on an external HD, along with still being on the camera's memory card itself.

So no Daily Fanart VanCon piece today.
Shoot. :(

Tags: livejournal, mac, rant, real life, status report, technology
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