raloria - Screencapping Goddess (raloria) wrote,
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SPN Season 10? It's Comm Pimping Time!

Since I've got new friends since last season, I thought I'd mention my two big LJ comms.
Please feel free to pass along the word to your friends. :D

positively_spn is a place for anything and everything about the show, it's cast and crew. Share fanfic, fanart, and anything else that SPN has inspired creatively. Rec your favorite works by others. Join in on our Episode Discussion & Review posts every Tuesday evening as we watch the show live and post reactions in comments. Join us for our Friday Free-For-All posts for some end of the week fun. The basic rule of the comm is love of the show and no hate allowed.


spndemondean is the home for all things Demon!Dean. Whether you've written a fanfic or made some icons or created a drawing - if it features Demonic Dean this is the place to share it. Read a great fic or found a great fanart online somewhere featuring the demonic elder Winchester? Share it here! Embrace the darkside and take a howl at the moon as we explore the many shades of Demon!Dean.


Tags: livejournal, my lj comm, pimping, supernatural
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