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First Impressions: 10x01 "Black"

Another season, another stab at writing short tediously long, but entertaining reviews (I hope).

Nice recap song. Not as excellent as S9's, but it's good.

Oooh, badass Sammy interrogating a demon. "Where's my brother?!?!"
LOVE the new title card! Just when you think they've run out of ideas...

Aw, man...the Sammy-let-me-go note. Already feeling the emotions.
Hee! Nice bit of leg showing there, Misha. ;)
I love how Sam calls Cas right away when he finds a lead...and then hears his friend practically coughing up a lung and backs off, telling him it was a mistake. And he calls him buddy...awww.
We find out that Sam's arm was injured by a demon (named Osric Chau...Master Chau - LOL) and Cas was involved.

It's funny how the crowd is booing Dean when he's actually singing pretty good in that first karaoke scene.
Sex-lovin' Dean! That hasn't changed. Oooh..."the thing with the...thing". Sad we missed that! :P
Hee! They had sex in Crowley's bed, too. And I know everyone's upset over the whole Jerk/Bitch exchange because that's Sam and Dean's thing, but I'm more upset over Crowley and Dean sharing a room! Like...awkward. Old Dean would never do that.

Holy crap! Dean punches that guy nearly senseless.

Seriously, Cas? You're naked under that robe? Hannah certainly got an eye full. lol
And did you see the tattoo on Cas just before he got up from the bed? Nice bit of continuity from last season!

Hannah wants Cas's help in finding a couple of rogue angels who have not returned to heaven. Meanwhile, Dean keeps fighting with Abaddon's loyalists.

Sam finds Dean at last on the convenience store video footage...and sees that his brother's eyes flash black!

We meet Cole and this dude is fit, not to mention well armed. Military background. Yeah, this guy already scares me. I don't know whether to feel happy or sad that he has a family. Too many unknowns right now.

Who knew angels could get car sick? Even Cas is puzzled.
He tries acting like he's okay, but Hannah sees right through it and well, anyone would. Cas, hun….you're sick and you're horrible at lying about it.
OMG This guy playing the gas attendant was awesome! So funny!!!!
Love how they keep referring to Dean as "Porn guy". LMAO
And Sam with the quotey fingers. :P

Crowley: You're dead.
Sam: Nope. Just using a dead man's phone.
Crowley: Moose. It took you long enough. Your brother and I were beginning to wonder if you’d hit another dog. You know.
Sam: My brother is dead, Crowley. I know you have some freaking demon parading around in his meatsuit, and trust me, you are going to pay for that.
Crowley: Moose. Moose. I'm afraid you haven't allowed yourself to dream quite big enough here. Your brother is very much alive courtesy of the Mark. The only demon-eyed soul inside of Dean is his and his alone. A wee bit more twisted, a little more mangled beyond human recognition, but I can assure you, all his. There now, feel better?
Sam: And the, uh, Abaddon supporters you've been sending to kill my brother, how does Dean feel about that double-cross?
Crowley: If that's what you think is happening, then you're more out of your depths than I thought.
Sam: I don't know how you did this, what kind of...black-magic stunt you pulled, but hear me -
I will save my brother or die trying.
Crowley: You know what tickles me about all this. It's what's really eating you up. You don’t care that he’s a demon. Heck, you’ve been a demon. We’ve all been demons. No, it's that he's with me, and he's having the time of his life. You can't stand the fact that he's mine.
Sam: He's not your pet.
Crowley: My pet? He’s my best friend, my partner in crime. They’ll write songs about us, graphic novels: The Misadventures of Crowley and Squirrel. Dean Winchester completes me. And that’s what makes you lose your chickens.
Sam: I am going to find you. I am going to save my brother. And then I’m going to kill you dead.
Crowley: Well, that's the operative phrase...'find you'. Good luck with that.

Smart, smart Sammy! Using that phone software to track the call. :)
And while I'm at it….Hurray for the return of badass-I'll-do-anything-for-my-brother Sammy!!!! Love it that he told Crowley he'd do anything to get Dean back. All the brotherly feelings!!!! *draws hearts* :D

Btw, random thought here (which is kinda late in the grand scheme of things), but….how does Cas know how to drive a car??? Did Dean teach him? Or did he gain the knowledge from his host, Jimmy?

Ah, A River Runs Through It. :P
Sorry, but I'm getting kinda bored with the angel portion of this episode. I want to care, but...I'm more concerned with Sam and Dean right now. Daniel wants freedom just like Cas figured out seasons ago. Too bad Hannah doesn't get it.

Dean: You sent those demons...to kill me?
Crowley: To keep you sharp.
Dean: Really?
Crowley: If it wasn't for me throwing demon chum your way, what do you think would have happened? The Mark needs to be sated. Otherwise -
Dean: Otherwise, I turn into a demon.Yeah, yeah. I sort of got that six weeks ago.
Crowley: Just trying to help.
Dean: You lied.
Crowley: Who do you think you’re talking to here? Does the Tin Man have a sheet-metal willy? Of course I lied.

Love how Crowley tells Dean to sit like he's a dog and Dean just gives him a look like "are you kidding me?" LOL
Crowley's not happy, but Dean's having a grand old time. He wants go own howling at the moon, but Crowley's ready to go back to work...creating a perfect hell. "We're not ending the party, we're just moving the party."

Then he mentions that he got a call from Sam...Dean seems interested, but he's not happy that Crowley let the call be traced and sold him out.

Crowley: I don't know what's going on with you. I truly don't. But I've had just about enough of it. Sold you out? Try "doing you a favor." Everything I've done for you for the past six months - the Mark, the First Blade, midwifing you back to life, offering you a seat by my side - has been a favor, a gift, whether you see it or you don't.

Anyone notice that Sam's car has Kansas plates. :)
Aw, man! Sam got knocked out again! Must be Tuesday. Heh.

Dean drinking and doing some BAD karaoke. So funny hearing Jensen sing badly when we all know how good he really is.
OMG Dean's deep drunk and sexy voice. *dies a little*
Wow, Dean….you really are despicable.

Crap...back to the angels.
Daniel knows he's found a kindred spirit in Cas….not so much with Hannah. Then Adina shows up and things go downhill real fast. Sadly, Cas ends up killing Daniel and both he and Hannah are wounded. Well that's not going to help Cas at all!

Cole ties up Sam and tells him he and Dean go way back. Sam warns him not to search out his brother. "He's a monster."

Cole: Yeah, he was...many, many moons ago. But now he's prey. And I'm the monster now.

Hannah's still thinking like a rule-abiding angel and Cas….he's thinking more like a human, of course.

Cole calls Dean with Sam's phone and Dean's not really concerned at all. Although he does ask if Sam's even alive. I love how Sam doesn't say anything to Dean over the phone when Cole prompts him. It's like...what does he say after thinking his brother was dead? Poor Sam.

Dean: Now you listen to me. There’s no trade. There’s no meet-up, no nothing except the 100 percent guarantee that somewhere down the road I will find and I will kill you.
Cole: Well, that'll be a cold comfort to your dead brother.
Dean: I told him to let me go. So whatever jam he's in now, that is his problem.
Cole: Yeah, well, I'll be sure to pass that on to him as I'm slitting his throat.
Dean: Yeah, you do that, 'cause he knows me. And he knows damn sure that if I am one thing, I am a man of my word.

Eep. Glad Sam didn't hear what Dean said. Ouch. :(
Cole's gotta be wondering what he does now. There goes his leverage. Oh, and it took me the 2nd or 3rd viewing to realize Dean was driving the Impala.
Wow...those cold, dead Dean eyes. Scary.


Oh, my goodness! Welcome back show!!! :D
Great job by everyone, as usual. My only complaint, again, is that the angel stuff was kinda boring. And where did it get us, really? Another angel is dead and Cas feels bad and Hannah doesn't understand. Oh, and Adina is still on the loose somewhere. Hmmm….big deal.

I'm still trying to figure out what is up with Dean from the dialog with Crowley. Because of the Mark, Dean will turn into a demon if it's not "fed" by him killing people? What is up with that? I thought Dean WAS a demon! This is very strange. I mean...if Dean's not a demon then what is he? Because his eyes do go black. We've seen it twice now. Maybe it's because of the Mark? He's a quasi-demon? Well, okay...he's a Knight of Hell, right? So what's with the line about 'becoming a demon'??? I hope we get some clarification about all this in the episodes to come because I'm really confused.

As for Sam...aw, Sammy. I'm so happy he's SO determined to find his brother. This is the Sammy I missed seeing so much in Season 9. This Sam makes my fangirl heart all happy again. :)

Really liking Cole already, even though he's being painted as a bad guy. Can't wait to find out what the story is behind him hunting for Dean. [Though...psst! I've already read the description for next week's ep and kinda know. Heh.] So okay, I can't wait for Sam to find out. Should be interesting.

Btw, the guy who plays Cole, Travis Aaron Wade, favorited my Tweet to him after the episode where I welcomed him to the SPN family. So that was kinda cool. :)

I'm enjoying demon!Dean just as I thought...while being scared at how unfeeling and cold he is. My hope is that he's not around for too long and we get regular Dean back with Sam real soon. But bravo to Jensen for making a character that is unlikable from one that we all know and love so well.

Episode score: Big thumbs up from me...despite the angel stuff. Season 10...whoo-hoo!

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