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Just 'Cause


This cap is from 9x11 "First Born".
Click to see the full-sized cap.

Had Highlight Caps from this ep laying around, so I fixed them up and uploaded them. Yes, I'll be posting these & the ones from the end of S2 soon. I'm not just teasing you all. ;) Dean & Crowley with Baby, since it's Impala Sunday and all.
  • Been getting a lot of things done, but I still feel like I'm behind. I'm now prepping 6 screencap posts. Crazy! So many goodies to share and so little time to get them all done.
  • Caught up on The Amazing Race (not sure I'm a fan of the teams this year - meh), The Vampire Diaries (when/what/where the hell are Damon & Bonnie???), and Parenthood (drama at the hospital!).
  • So nobody rec'd me any hurt!Dean fics yesterday. Bummer. I will say if you search for hurt!Dean on Tumblr, you can find some pretty good stories. Just a heads-up for my fellow hurt!Dean fans. ;)
Have a nice Sunday everyone. The Dallas Cowboys come to Seattle to play against our Seahawks. Go Hawks! *hugs*

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