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Video: Jensen singing at the end of TorCon

THIS my friends, is why you never leave a Creation SPN con on Sunday early. If you do, you're likely to miss pure magic! Of course, on the other hand, if some people hadn't left Jensen likely wouldn't have felt like singing all alone on the stage.

So adorable how he wanted the audience to pretend they weren't there...and his little slip-ups with the first song. Apparently these are 2 songs that he sings to his daughter, JJ. Awwww. I also just love hearing him play the guitar at the beginning. He really is very good.

I truly hope Jensen will sing like this at future cons. *coughespeciallySeattle&Vancouvercough* It certainly is more likely now that they've got Rob and his band up there on the stage for the whole weekend. Lots of guitars laying around just asking to be played... ;)

Huge thank you to Deborah Speegs on youtube for uploading this video and for all_spn for posting it.

Tags: actors: jensen ackles, conventions, fangirling, livejournal, video, youtube
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