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First Impressions: 10x02 "Reichenbach"

Another season, another stab at writing short tediously long, but entertaining reviews (I hope).

Why did they show the line in hell & prisoners down there when Crowley & Dean haven't even been spending time in hell? Yeah, Crowley mentioned about them creating a perfect hell, but how have they done that exactly? You can't even say they've created a hell on earth because it's not like Dean's out there slaughtering people by the hundreds.

Anyhoo...We're back in 2003 and a young Cole finds his father bloody and dead on the floor and a young pre-show Dean steps out with a bloody knife. Btw, nice job by the VFX crew on making Jensen look younger. His face was much slimmer here. Great to see the amulet and the leather jacket, too (even if it's not THE jacket).

There's got to be more to this story. Even Sam defends his brother and says there must have been a reason. I think Jared indicated on Twitter last night that we will find out more.

Sam tries to tell Cole that "Dean isn't Dean anymore" and that real monsters exist out there, but Cole has a singular goal - find Dean Winchester. So it's time to get physical...eep.

Meanwhile, Dean's enjoying a stripper a little too much and knocks out the bouncer that tries to kick him out. Love the intercutting between Dean's fight and Cole beating Sam. Ouch. Dude! That's NOT cool damaging Sam's hurt arm! And then he goes for the hammer to the knee, but thank goodness his wife calls. Some dropped keys and Sammy's out of there!

Of course Cas can't heal himself. Hannah kindly volunteers to help and she wants to stick around and help him. Sam calls and tells Cas that Dean's a demon and where he was last located at. Of course, Dean's not there anymore but...whatever. Nice how Sam finds a truck to steal that just happened to be up for sale.

Btw, why doesn't Hannah just fly herself and Cas to Dean's location? She can heal wounds but not fly anymore? What's up with that if the angels are all back up in heaven again? Weren't all their powers restored?

Hannah: “Castiel, I think the Winchesters are a bad influence on you.”
Castiel: “Sam and Dean may be a bit rough around the edges, but they’re the best men I’ve ever known. And they’re my friends.”

Yeah, maybe Cas shouldn't be driving anymore...yikes.

Crowley: “How you been feeling? On edge? Pent up? Unfulfilled?"
Dean: “You sound like a Viagra commercial, you know that, right?"
Crowley: “This isn’t about little Dean. It's about the Mark. It changed you."
Dean: "I've noticed." (his eyes flash black and then back again)
Crowley: "And I know that you want to keep the party going. You want to have fun, fun, fun till daddy takes the black eyes away. The fact is...you need to kill now. Not want to - not choose to - need to. Face it darling, you're an addict. Death is your drug. And you're gonna spend the rest of you life chasing that dragon."
Dean: "So?"
Crowley: "So...I'm here to facilitate."
Dean: "You want me to kill for you."
Crowley: "I want you to kill for us. Look...you're going to snap eventually. The anger, the bloodlust is gonna build up in you until you can't take it anymore and then... So the question is...do you want to spike a civilian or someone who has it coming?"

Crowley's target is a cheating wife who's husband wants her dead rather than give up half of his possessions. So he sold his soul to Crowley. Dean agrees to the job...this once.

And then Crowley says he's got something else to tell Dean, but we never find out what it was!!!! WTH show???

Awww...Cas looks so cute when he's sleeping.

Creepy Dean is watching the cheating wife, Mindy. Then husband, Lester shows up in his car to watch the kill. Idiot. Love Dean flashing his black eyes at the guy. That never gets old. During most of their conversation you can almost forget that Dean is not himself. But Dean's got this guy pegged...he cheated on his wife first.

Dean: “You’ve just got that pervy, ‘I’d do anything to nail my secretary’ look."

Had to almost cheer when Dean punched the jerk in the mouth over all that "science" and it's different for men crap. Loser is right! Then he made the mistake of calling Dean a punk-ass demon and a freak. Not a good idea. Dean introduces Lester to the First Blade and nobody's sorry.

Sam's at the stripper club, questioning the bouncer. How did he find out Dean was even there? He told Cas to head to Beulah and the club was somewhere else. Hope he called Cas with the new location. Anyway, Cole is watching and following.

The scene with Cas and the little girl was cute. "That sounds like some very special snot." LOL

OMG Crowley's I'm-so-bored-kill-me-now face is priceless!

Dean returns and tells Crowley he killed Lester instead. Crowley's not happy.
And then Dean pushes Crowley away like he's swatting a fly off his shoulder. Ooooh. Even Crowley's minions are amused.

Crowley: "What do you think you're doing?"
Dean: "Oh, whatever I want."
Crowley: "Really? Because I think you don't know what you want. Tell me, Dean - what are you? A demon? If so, why isn't Lester's wife dead? Did you feel sorry for her? So maybe you're human. Except you have those pretty black peepers and you're working alongside me. Why don't you do us all a great big favor and pick a bloody side?!"
Dean: "Or what? Hmmm? Go ahead. Make a move. See how it ends."

Love how he steps towards Crowley and the king of hell looks sooooo intimidated! He even swallowed nervously, and for good reason. Dean's pretty darned powerful and he knows it. He's done taking orders from Crowley, so "it's over".

Finally, Hannah's gonna drive. Yeah, that was a good idea before you crashed the car. *sigh*

Crowley confronts Sam about Dean. "Dean's your problem now - again, forever."
There's just Crowley's finder's fee to deal with.

So Hannah drove them back to the doorway to heaven and Cas wakes up a little worried. Turns out Hannah's gone to deal with Metatron. Nooooooo!!!! He admits some of Cas's grace is still around, but he wants out of prison in exchange...he even offers to take off for another planet or universe. Don't believe him, Hannah! Thankfully, Cas shows up in time to talk her out of it. Man! I want Metatron dead soooo bad! And I want Dean to be the one to kill him. Or Cas...really, I'm not picky. "Ass-tiel" LOL It's a wonder that name hasn't cropped up before. Metatron taunts Cas with his grace, but Cas wants none of it. He's at peace with his fate and he's happy that Metatron is rotting away in his cell. But Metatron knows he'll break out and when he does "everybody dies".

Ok, who had flashbacks of Jensen playing the piano in Dark Angel? *raises hand* :)
Does Dean know how to play piano??? Wouldn't that be awesome???? Interesting thing he does, cutting his hand open and then watching it heal. "Hiya, Sam."

The brothers reunited at last, but it's not pretty.

Dean: "Who winged you?"
Sam: "Does it matter?"
Dean: "Not really. I told you to let me go."
Sam: "You know I can't do that. By the way, your, uh, pal Crowley sold you out."
Dean: "Sounds like him."
Sam: "Dean, hold on a second. You don't have to do this. Look, we know how to cure demons. You remember that?"
Dean: "A little Latin, a lot of blood. It rings a bell. Did you ever stop to think that if I wanted to be cured, I wouldn't have bailed?"
Sam: "That was Crowley."
Dean: "It really wasn't."
Sam: "It doesn't matter, all right? 'Cause whatever went down, whatever happened, we will fix it."
Dean: "Will we? 'Cause right now I'm doing all I can not to come over there and rip your throat out...with my teeth. I'm giving you a chance, Sam. You should take it."
Sam: "I'm gonna have to pass."
Dean: "Well, I'm not walking out that door with you. I'm just not. So, what are you gonna do? Are you gonna kill me?"
Sam: "No."
Dean: "Why? You don't know what I've done. I might have it coming."
Sam: "Well, I don't care. Because you are my brother. And I'm here to take you home."
Dean: (Laughs) "Ah! 'You're my brother and I'm here to take you home.' Yeah, what is this, a Lifetime movie? Huh? With your puppy-dog eyes? (Laughs) Oh, thanks, Sammy. I needed that."
(Sam takes out handcuffs.)
Dean: "You really think those are gonna work?"
Sam: "There's one way to find out."

But before Sam can even get to Dean (and really, this fight would've been ugly...and scary! How did Sam think he'd stand a chance with one arm against his demonic brother?) Cole throws a tear-gas canister into the place, forcing Sam to escape outside. And he gets knocked out once again for his trouble. Owie. Seriously, how is Sam not in a coma by now?

Love, love, LOVE this fight between Cole and Dean. Wow! Dean's all sassy and snarky and even quoting The Princess Bride (OMG that was awesome!) and Cole's hellbent on taking his revenge. Problem is, he's fighting a super-charged demon, which he finds out at the end when Dean tells him and shows his black eyes again. It's not an even fight at all, with Dean easily deflecting all of Cole's attacks.

Favorite line: "You're the guy who's supposed to put a bullet in Sammy's brain. Did you miss?"

I think my favorite part was Dean taking Cole's gun and emptying the clip. So badass and cool!
Reminiscent of that scene from S3 when he twirled the gun of that guy he thought was a demon and then emptied the clip all in one cool move. *guh*
Dean's ready to kill Cole, and Cole's ready to die, but Dean lets him go. Then Sam steps in with the holy water and the handcuffs and captures Dean! Whoo-hoo! Love Dean's growl at Sam. That was all kinds of HOT!

Sam hands over the First Blade to Crowley. Now this has to be a bad idea, right? For one...if Dean doesn't kill with the First Blade he fully turns demon, which only Crowley knows (and Dean himself). Second, how is handing over that weapon to Crowley a good idea? You gotta know he won't put it anywhere safe, though he does have a point about Dean coming after him for ratting him out.

Ooooh. Jensen's got that whole dead-eyes-that-wanna-kill-you thing DOWN! *guh*

Ok, this scene is just...weird. Cole, all bloody is in a library and asks for books about demons. Um, like why isn't that gal on the phone to the police or something? I'd be scared the guy was a murderer or something.

OMG I laughed so much at this scene. Poor Crowley all sad and missing his bestie, Dean. The song "Hey There Lonely Girl" and the picture of them on the phone! Priceless!!!

Ok, my first thought with this scene in the car is that I hoped Sam attached that handcuff chain to some part of the door handle because otherwise what was there to stop Dean from taking that chain and trying to strangle Sam with it? But he looks fairly secure...

Meanwhile, the beloved Impala is kind of a trash heap. :(

Sam: “This thing is filthy."
Dean: “It’s just a car, Sam."
Sam: “It’s just a car? Wow, you really have gone dark."

Ouch. That just HURTS. o.O

Sam thinks that Dean showed mercy on Cole, but Dean points out that what he really did was the worst possible thing by letting Cole live knowing he got beat by the man he intended to kill.

Dean: "And what I'm gonna do to you, Sammy...Well, that ain't gonna be mercy, either."



Another awesome ep! :D
Jensen really is shining with his acting skills. He has Dean so calm and cool and barely moving a lot of the time - just listening. And then when he goes off and attacks someone it's swift and sudden. All that anger is unleashed. Gotta wonder what Dean will be like if he snaps like Crowley predicted.

Still find the whole time with Hannah and Cas kind of boring. :(
The only part that really stuck out with them was their scene with Metatron. The rest of it seemed like a big waste of time. Good think Sam didn't wait around for them to show up, because it takes them forever to get anywhere! I get that Cas is dying and not feeling well, but part of me really wants him healed up and back to full power so he can actually DO something and be helpful again.

As for Sam...awww Sammy. I love him for being so determined to save his brother. And when he finally meets Dean all his brother does is mock his emotions. That was painful with the whole puppy-eyes thing. Did you hear Sam's voice break when he said that line about taking Dean home? *heart breaks* And Dean just...didn't get it. :(

I can't wait for next week! The episode Jensen directed and the first one they shot of the season. Woot! :D

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