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SPN Fan Q&A - Part 1 Caps

Finally getting these caps posted! :)

Part 1 of a Q&A done with Jensen & Jared by the CW. This video covers theme songs, favorite monster, and how the series should end (Noooooo!!!!). Please keep in mind that these caps are not of the highest quality because of being made from a youtube video.

:: Cap Size: 1280 x 720 :: No hotlinking, please! :: Credit me, raloria when taking/using/re-posting :: Comments are LOVE! ♥

Download Full Set of Caps (69 Total):
SPN J2 Fan Q&A Pt 1 CapsByRaloria.zip (26.4 MB)

Or select from any of the 69 caps below:

// Click on the thumbnails for the full sized caps. //

J2FanQ&APt1_001 J2FanQ&APt1_002 J2FanQ&APt1_003 J2FanQ&APt1_004 J2FanQ&APt1_005 J2FanQ&APt1_006 J2FanQ&APt1_007 J2FanQ&APt1_008 J2FanQ&APt1_009 J2FanQ&APt1_010 J2FanQ&APt1_011 J2FanQ&APt1_012 J2FanQ&APt1_013 J2FanQ&APt1_014 J2FanQ&APt1_015 J2FanQ&APt1_016 J2FanQ&APt1_017 J2FanQ&APt1_018 J2FanQ&APt1_019 J2FanQ&APt1_020 J2FanQ&APt1_021 J2FanQ&APt1_022 J2FanQ&APt1_023 J2FanQ&APt1_024 J2FanQ&APt1_025 J2FanQ&APt1_026 J2FanQ&APt1_027 J2FanQ&APt1_028 J2FanQ&APt1_029 J2FanQ&APt1_030 J2FanQ&APt1_031 J2FanQ&APt1_032 J2FanQ&APt1_033 J2FanQ&APt1_034 J2FanQ&APt1_035 J2FanQ&APt1_036 J2FanQ&APt1_037 J2FanQ&APt1_038 J2FanQ&APt1_039 J2FanQ&APt1_040 J2FanQ&APt1_041 J2FanQ&APt1_042 J2FanQ&APt1_043 J2FanQ&APt1_044 J2FanQ&APt1_045 J2FanQ&APt1_046 J2FanQ&APt1_047 J2FanQ&APt1_048 J2FanQ&APt1_049 J2FanQ&APt1_050 J2FanQ&APt1_051 J2FanQ&APt1_052 J2FanQ&APt1_053 J2FanQ&APt1_054 J2FanQ&APt1_055 J2FanQ&APt1_056 J2FanQ&APt1_057 J2FanQ&APt1_058 J2FanQ&APt1_059 J2FanQ&APt1_060 J2FanQ&APt1_061 J2FanQ&APt1_062 J2FanQ&APt1_063 J2FanQ&APt1_064 J2FanQ&APt1_065 J2FanQ&APt1_066 J2FanQ&APt1_067 J2FanQ&APt1_068 J2FanQ&APt1_069 

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