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SPN Fan Q&A - Part 2 Caps

Here's Part 2 of a Q&A done with Jensen & Jared by the CW. This video covers if they imagined having 10 seasons, if they like the show's music, & what it's been like to play Sam and Dean for so long. Please keep in mind that these caps are not of the highest quality because of being made from a youtube video.

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Download Full Set of Caps (76 Total):
SPN J2 Fan Q&A Pt 2 CapsByRaloria.zip (29.3 MB)

Or select from any of the 76 caps below:

// Click on the thumbnails for the full sized caps. //

J2FanQ&APt2_001 J2FanQ&APt2_002 J2FanQ&APt2_003 J2FanQ&APt2_004 J2FanQ&APt2_005 J2FanQ&APt2_006 J2FanQ&APt2_007 J2FanQ&APt2_008 J2FanQ&APt2_009 J2FanQ&APt2_010 J2FanQ&APt2_011 J2FanQ&APt2_012 J2FanQ&APt2_013 J2FanQ&APt2_014 J2FanQ&APt2_015 J2FanQ&APt2_016 J2FanQ&APt2_017 J2FanQ&APt2_018 J2FanQ&APt2_019 J2FanQ&APt2_020 J2FanQ&APt2_021 J2FanQ&APt2_022 J2FanQ&APt2_023 J2FanQ&APt2_024 J2FanQ&APt2_025 J2FanQ&APt2_026 J2FanQ&APt2_027 J2FanQ&APt2_028 J2FanQ&APt2_029 J2FanQ&APt2_030 J2FanQ&APt2_031 J2FanQ&APt2_032 J2FanQ&APt2_033 J2FanQ&APt2_034 J2FanQ&APt2_035 J2FanQ&APt2_036 J2FanQ&APt2_037 J2FanQ&APt2_038 J2FanQ&APt2_039 J2FanQ&APt2_040 J2FanQ&APt2_041 J2FanQ&APt2_042 J2FanQ&APt2_043 J2FanQ&APt2_044 J2FanQ&APt2_045 J2FanQ&APt2_046 J2FanQ&APt2_047 J2FanQ&APt2_048 J2FanQ&APt2_049 J2FanQ&APt2_050 J2FanQ&APt2_051 J2FanQ&APt2_052 J2FanQ&APt2_053 J2FanQ&APt2_054 J2FanQ&APt2_055 J2FanQ&APt2_056 J2FanQ&APt2_057 J2FanQ&APt2_058 J2FanQ&APt2_059 J2FanQ&APt2_060 J2FanQ&APt2_061 J2FanQ&APt2_062 J2FanQ&APt2_063 J2FanQ&APt2_064 J2FanQ&APt2_065 J2FanQ&APt2_066 J2FanQ&APt2_067 J2FanQ&APt2_068 J2FanQ&APt2_069 J2FanQ&APt2_070 J2FanQ&APt2_071 J2FanQ&APt2_072 J2FanQ&APt2_073 J2FanQ&APt2_074 J2FanQ&APt2_075 J2FanQ&APt2_076 

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