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SPN 200th Episode LA Party

Why have one party for reaching 200 episodes when you can have two? ;)

Had to post this amazing video of Richard, Jason, Rob, & Jensen singing "Carry On Wayward Son" at the party. Too cute when Richard hands Jason the lyrics so he can sing his part and he's all (-_-) LOL

Then we have this awesome interview with Robbie Thompson about the 200th episode (which he pitched/wrote).

The demon side of Dean is "temporarily or for now cured"??? Ooooooh!!!! Dun, dun, DUN!!!! But I like that they recognized we needed to see Sam & Dean together as brothers again. Yes!

Love how Robbie understands fanfic writers and the "community" that fandom is. I know a lot of fans feel that the writers of the show don't get us...well they do, trust me. Robbie and Adam and I'm sure the other writers, too...they understand.

There's also THIS interview with Jeremy Carver where he teases something "stronger than a bro-hug" in the 200th episode!!!! Wha???? o.O *mind boggles over what that could possibly be*

Tags: actors: jensen ackles, actors: richard speight jr, actors: rob benedict, jason manns, robbie thompson, spoilers, supernatural, video, youtube
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