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Crazy Idea #158

Look out...I've been thinking again. :P

I've got a crazy idea. It's an insane idea. But I really, really, really wanna do it!!!!

* It's going to be a TON of work. Eeep.
* Fandom really needs this though.
* It could be incredibly useful.

As much as I love this idea and know it could benefit fandom...and hell, myself as well, I think I'd only tackle this project IF I had help. Like, I'm going to need a small army of volunteers who have time on their hands.


I want to make a site that catalogs and lists moments and information from all the SPN conventions.

Now I love SuperWiki and it's an awesome resource and has great pages full of info. and links on all the conventions...BUT...

What if you're looking for that one moment? That one bit of information and you vaguely remember who said it and that it was from a convention, BUT YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHICH CONVENTION OR WHICH YEAR. Haven't we all had this problem? I know I have over the years...a lot!

So what if there was a site where you could look up say...the BEE STORY (remember that old staple from the early years?). You could go and look up the tag for BEE STORY and find a list of who all told it and at which conventions. Maybe there would be links to to the youtube videos covering that moment.

Or what if you couldn't remember when Jensen talked about having to walk down the road after filming that emotional by-the-car scene in S2's "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things". You could look up a tag for EPISODES > SCENES (or something like that) and find out which cons Jensen talked about that.

Which conventions has Jared hugged Jensen, and how many?
Which conventions has Jensen sang at?
How many panel crashes have there been over the years, and by who?

And oh, so many more possibilities!

The information is enormous, no doubt about it, but I feel this could be massively helpful to the fandom. I mean, think about how many conventions there have been since that first one in England (Asylum) back in 2007. It's kinda staggering, because they've been all over the world...and they're still going!

I know...I'm crazy for attempting this.
Thoughts? *hides*

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