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First Impressions: 10x06 "Ask Jeeves"

Another season, another stab at writing short tediously long, but entertaining reviews (I hope).

First of all, I must warn that I wasn't very excited about this ep from the get-go. I don't know why, either. Maybe it was the lack of spoilers and info. beforehand or maybe the premise simply didn't sound interesting to me. Either way, it felt like a letdown to me after the brilliance of the 200th episode.

Cool "Then" clips of the various monsters the boys have encountered, going all the way back to Season 1.

Maid falls over railing and dies. Big whoop. Oh, look...the ghost of the recently deceased woman killed her. *yawns*

Lovely little moment of Dean fixing Baby some more. Think he's making up for all the abuse piled onto her while he was a demon? Sam comes out of some motel with tiny little cups of fancy coffee and Dean's not impressed...but he drinks the coffee. :P So the boys might be getting some money owed to Bobby from the aforementioned dead rich lady. Time for a road trip, since there's nothing more exciting to hunt down.

Cool seeing the dude from "Faith" playing the butler. And as usual...the gathered family is boring as hell and bickering...when the cougars aren't eyeing and going after Sam. Haven't we done all this before? Like in S2 with "Red Sky At Morning" and S8's "Trial And Error"? Why do rich folks have to be so terrible to one another and everyone around them? Talk about a stereotype.

I did love Dean's reaction to being called adorable. *g*

Anyway, the butler passes off what was owed to Bobby in the will so the boys don't have to stick around with the family till the next day.

Phillip: “If you’re implying that I don’t think you’re good enough, it’s quite the contrary. You’re far too good. The Lacroix family is, how should I say this politely, money-grubbing leeches.”

It's a jeweled cross, but sadly the stones are worthless. However, it does have a hidden key. The plot thickens! So back to the house they go.

Oh, yeah...some other dude gets beheaded by the dead lady's long-dead husband. So there's 2 ghosts as work....supposedly. Turns out there's a case here after all, but the boys left the EMF meters in the car and they can't leave because the cop is there questioning everyone. So Sam hangs out with the family while Dean goes searching the house for cold spots. What he finds is a hidden door and the lock that fits the key. Inside is a hidden attic and surprise...the dead maid who supposedly went off to clown college "Clown College Colette" and the very alive maid, Olivia. She says the butler locked her up in there.

Hee! Sam playing cards with the cougar sisters.

The boys split up again, this time with Sam searching upstairs. But cougar Beverly finds him first, but he easily slips away from her. Edit: Btw, Sam winds up in the kitchen. Since when is a kitchen upstairs? Weird.

Beverly: "You know, they say women just get better with age. Like a fine wine or--or cheese."
Sam: "I'm lactose intolerant."

Dean, meanwhile, finds the butler's quarters...and then Sam finds the body of the dead butler. Uh oh... Turns out it's not ghosts but a shapeshifter at work. Dun, dun, Duuuuuuun!

Btw, they totally flipped that one shot of Dean as he gets up from the floor, before he goes over to the shapeshifter skin. I can always tell when Jensen's face is backward...ewww. He must have been looking in the wrong direction for the room's layout or something. Ok, on a 2nd & 3rd look, maybe they didn't flip the shot. Still looks weird though.

The boys meet up with Olivia and grab some silverware to start testing everyone. Sam goes right for the sisters and willingly joins them on the couch...much to Beverly's delight. Poor Heddy feels left out, but Sam accommodates her: "Come on in, darlin'...water's warm." Rawr! Sammy! But he's really getting all touchy-feely just so he can test them with the butter knives (sneaky!).

Dean then finds Dash and Amber all over each other. Turns out they've been an item for quite a while. Then there's a scream from Olivia and..."We've got a floater." It's the cop face-down in the toilet. Lovely. And the family's back to accusing one another of carrying out the murders. The boys try to convince them to trust them, but really...why bother saving these people? Geez. Anyway, Dash pulls the cop's gun and points it at the boys. "I...hunt pheasant." Cue a massive eye roll by Dean. Heh.

Sam: “We’re not the bad guys, Dash."
Dash: “I beg to differ. You’re wearing flannel."

LOL Love how both of them actually look down at their clothing. XD

Edit: Speaking of their clothing...are those new shirts and jackets for the boys? hells_half_acre you wanna chime in here? Really liking the new jackets especially. :)

The boys try to get the door open in the room Dash put them in and Dean finds out the silverware is just cheap stainless steel. And of course their silver bullets are out in the car, so they have no way of killing the shapeshifter anyway. Which makes me wonder why they're not even wearing any knives or guns like they normally do. Since when do they go anywhere unarmed? Sure, a regular gun wouldn't kill the shapeshifter, but what happened to Dean carrying a silver knife on his person? I just don't like the boys being stupid to serve the story. *sigh*

Turns out they're in the security room and they see that Olivia now has the family at gunpoint. She's the shifter...Bunny's long-lost daughter who was kept locked up in the attic all these years. Though Phillip had been her ally, he locked her back up after she killed Colette and Stan until "the cute, dumb one let me out".

The boys find a gun safe (convenient) and Sam goes after Olivia while Dean supposedly goes after the silver bullets in the car. Turns out Bobby killed Olivia's father, a shapeshifter, and her mother pleaded with Bobby to spare her life. So she was locked up instead. "It would have been kinder to kill me."

Sam: "Being a monster is a choice."

Sam then comes out of hiding and Olivia realizes Sam doesn't have any silver bullets...but Dean does. He shoots Olivia a total of 8 times, looking down on her like a cold-hearted killer. Yikes. Mark of Cain coming back into play much? Oh, yeah!

Then as the boys are leaving, Dean threatens Dash's life "We'll come back for your preppy ass." (after he apologizes to them and everything) if he mentions their involvement to the cops. WTH??? Where did that come from? Dean's getting a bit more aggressive.

In the car, Sam questions Dean shooting Olivia so many times. Naturally, Dean brushes it off as just "target practice" and that it was his first kill since coming back and he wanted it done right. Riiiiiiight. And before Sam can keep questioning him, Dean turns on the radio full blast. End of discussion.


I swear I'm the only fan not happy with this ep. *sigh*

Wish I could put my finger on why it didn't impress me, but it just...didn't. *shrugs* Maybe it's because I never played Clue and didn't get all the references to the game? I have no idea. The boys were in fine form, as usual, but this ep isn't going to go on one of my all-time favorite eps list. It was a basic ep, nothing more, nothing less. Maybe over time, my opinion will change. After all, I didn't like "Roadtrip" for a long time either. Moving on...

I am very eager about next week's ep though. Whoo-hoo! Bring it!!! :D

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