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First Impressions: 10x07 "Girls, Girls, Girls"

Another season, another stab at writing short tediously long, but entertaining reviews (I hope).

In the teaser we have a hooker running down some city streets, breaks the heel off her shoe, and then her pimp, Raul, catches up with her. She attacks him in the eye with the heel (go girl!) but he's a demon! Oh, and he snaps her neck. And I am totally distracted by the cool snake ring Raul is wearing.

Sam's eating!!! LOL Remember when that was a rare thing? :P
Gotta love how Sam doesn't even know why they are where they are. But he's eating "Lizardo's porterhouse -- U.S.D.A. prime. The only place between Connecticut and the bunker you can get a decent steak under 10 bucks." according to Dean.

Dean's phone meanwhile, is going nuts with text alerts and Sam wants to know why. It's cute how Dean unsuccessfully blows it off as "monster...stuff". Sam then takes the phone and sees Dean has joined a dating app. OMG Gotta love that picture! *drools* And you gotta love that writer, Robert Berens, stuck in that line that Jensen quoted at Comic Con on what Dean's dating profile would say! Brilliant! :D

Hee! Sam saying Dean's screen name of Impala67 all deep and sexy. XD Dean's been conversing with Shaylene and Sam expresses his doubts about this whole thing.

Sam: It's not bad, Dean. It's too good to be true.
Dean: I'm sorry, is it -- is it so hard to believe that an attractive, red-blooded, American female could be interested in someone like me?
Sam: You realize there's no guarantee 'Shaylene' is even Shaylene. I mean, for all you know it could be some...Canadian trucker named Bruce.

And then Shaylene walks into the place. And Dean's off and running "don't wait up."
Isn't that the actress who played the Lust demon in S3's "The Magnificent Seven"?

Hannah and Cas are almost done tracking down all the rogue angels on earth. Cas is determined to get them all. Then Hannah starts taking her clothes off...uh, okay. Awkward! LOL Cas wants to know what she's doing and she's all innocent and going to take a shower. Cas denies that her nakedness is making him uncomfortable (yeah, right) and you gotta love Hannah's smirk as she heads to the shower. :P

Meanwhile, Dean and Shaylene are getting hot and heavy. Rawr! Thank you for taking that outer layer off! *drools over Jensen in a black t-shirt* She suddenly stops and wants to discuss rules. No, not "sexy rules", Dean. More like...payment. But Dean has a rule: "no cash for ass". She doesn't want his money though...just his soul. Oh...demons. But Dean's got this all figured out...she's being used by a demon and she's not happy about it.

Hannah and Cas are all set to check out of their motel room when she runs into her vessel's husband. Ooops.

Another pimp demon shows up and Shaylene and the boys are waiting for him. They've got him in a devil's trap, but before they can find out where his brothel is, Shaylene grabs the angel blade from Dean and kills the demon. Fortunately, he's got a card with the brothel's address in his pocket.

At the brothel, they've got a visitor...our red-haired killer from the end of 10x03 (soon to be ID'd as Rowena). She quickly tosses a hex bag to Raul and he starts vomiting out his demon-smoke/goo...very messily. Ewww. His accomplice, Gerald, smokes out and escapes. Rowena invites the two girls there to come along with her.

Back with Hannah and her "husband", Joe...who naturally wants an explanation to why she's been gone for a year. Cas comes into the room and Hannah says she left Joe for Cas. Joe doesn't buy it until Hannah suddenly turns and kisses Cas.

The boys show up at the brothel to find Raul dead. According to Sam, based on the black ooze and the smell, Raul was pure demon. Then he finds the hex bag. Witches!

Rowena has taken the girls to a very fancy French restaurant and they're uncomfortable because they don't belong there. When a waiter comes up to them to point this out, Rowena gives him a hex bag and does her magic...suddenly, they're being served tons of food, all on the house.

Down in hell, Gerald, in a new meat-suit, has shown up to report to Crowley about Raul's doings on earth. The King of Hell is not pleased.

Crowley: So, you and your half-wit pal threw me into the sex trade? I'm evil. That's just tacky.

Boys in the car with Sam using the magic free Wi-Fi again. *snorts*
He's found the spell used to smoke out Raul...it's a rare one and used only by the witch who created it...Rowena.

Back at the restaurant, Rowena outlines the different types of witches: Borrowers - those that harness the power of a demon to work their spells, witches who are born with the gift of witchcraft (like herself), and students with no power of their own who are mentored by a real witch. Rowena was thrown out of the grand-coven because they disapproved of her methods, forbidden her from using her magic, or taking students and forming a coven. Saying screw the coven, she offers to take the girls as her students, but it's time to leave...apparently Rowena's spells wear off in an ugly way. The poor waiter's brains are boiling out of his head. Nice shot of the plates falling to the floor in slo-mo.

We cut to a demon tied up in a devil's trap and having holy water splashed on him. Cole!!!! He wants to know where Dean is.

At a gas station, Hannah says she didn't want to hurt Joe, but she had to get away from him. Now she feels bad about it though. Cas brings up his own vessel, Jimmy Novak, that he was married and had a daughter. He regrets taking Jimmy away from his family, but "The mission comes first -- always." Cas finishes gassing up the car, turns around and Hannah is gone.

Dean's interviewing a waiter at the French restaurant about the head waiter's death. The guy mentions the hookers...and the other woman with them. Uh...shouldn't Dean have at least asked what the woman looked like? He goes outside where Sam's waiting and getting a report from another hunter about a series of killings where people's brains have boiled. Turns out Rowena's hanging out at fancy hotels and restaurants. Dean's enthusiastic "Oh!" at checking out 5-star hotels is amusing.

Cas finds Hannah at a very pretty little footbridge over a stream. Gotta find this location for my Locations List! ;)
Hannah's done...she wants to let her vessel go.

Hannah: We always said the humans were our original mission. Maybe it's time, Castiel, time to put them first.

She admits that being on earth, being with Cas has caused her to feel things, human things. But seeing Joe again made it all clear and her vessel, Caroline, was inside screaming to go back to him and her life. So she leaves her vessel, who comes to and recognizes Cas. It's funny how Caroline's voice is higher pitched than Hannah's was. As I recall, Jimmy's voice was higher as well. Is that a thing - angels having deeper voices? Misha, what did you start? lol

Rowena's taught the girls some spells and when there's a knock on the hotel room door, she's set to have them try out their magic on the manager. Problem is...it's just a bell-boy...a dead bell-boy (and apparently the Cas cos player from VanCon!!!!). Two demons have shown up to capture Rowena and the girls. But the boys are there! They fight and kill the two demons (Dean actually stabbing both of them) and before they can take care of Rowena she uses a hex bag on one of the girls and turns her into some kind of an attack dog. Dean goes after Rowena while Sam deals with dog-girl.

Wisely, the other hooker girl sees that Rowena's bad news and punches her before running off. Before Rowena can utter a spell at her, Dean's there...but so is Cole. Uh, oh.

Dean: Pal, we gotta work on your timing.

Dean's got no choice but to drop his gun and Rowena gets away. Dean apologizes to Cole about the last time they met and says he's not the same anymore. Cole then splashes holy water on Dean. Hee! That never gets old. Never.

Dean: I'm not a demon anymore.
Cole: So were you a demon when you murdered my father?
Dean: No.
Cole: Then you're still a monster.

And the fight is on! Woot! This is another awesome fight scene, but this time it isn't all one-sided. Both of them get cut and beat up. Dean gets the upper hand though, retrieving his gun and pointing it at Cole.

Meanwhile, Sam's got the girl turned dog trapped in a closet, but she quickly dies from the spell.

Cole's ready to die, but Dean realizes they need to talk. He asks Cole for 5 minutes and then he can shoot Dean if he wants and hands over his gun.

Dean: What I do...is hunt monsters. Your dad, Cole -- your dad was a monster.
Cole: Yeah, you say that now, but last time we fought, you couldn't even remember his name.
Dean: 2003, Nyack, New York, Ed Trenton. I was working a case. Three dead - livers ripped out and eaten by your father.
Cole [chuckles]: Livers?
Dean: Yeah, I tracked him down that night to your house.
Cole: Well, you say he was a monster. What kind of monster was he?
Dean: I don't know. Never seen that kind before, never seen it again. All I know is that he came home that night looking to kill - could've been you, could've been your mom.
Cole: No.
Dean: The only reason that didn't happen is because I was there to stop him.
Cole: I heard his voice! It was a human voice, and he begged you to stop!
Dean: It's a ploy. It's a monster's trick. I know what you heard, but know this - that was not your father, Cole. Your father was already gone.

Sam then shows up, gun drawn, and Dean tells him to put it down. Cole starts to break down into tears...he can't believe Dean's story.

Cole: My whole life, I've been...
Dean: I get it. That was your story. Look, man, I got one of those, too. Okay, but those stories that we tell to keep us going? Man, sometimes they blind us. They take us to dark places - the kind of place where I might beat the crap out of a good man just for the fun of it. The people who love me, they pulled me back from that edge. Cole, once you touch that darkness...it never goes away. Now, the truth is...I'm past saving. I know how my story ends. It's at the edge of a blade or the barrel of a gun. So, the question is, is that gonna be today? That gonna be that gun?
Sam: You've got a family, Cole. I heard you on the phone that night. I'm guessing they need you to come back, and they need you to come back whole.

Cole hands Dean back his gun.
Damn...full marks to Travis Aaron Wade and Jensen for that amazing scene.

Caroline goes back to her home where Joe is waiting as Cas watches from the car. It's a sweet reunion, and sad. I wonder what she'll tell him? Cas then pulls up the laptop and searches Jimmy Novak's name...

Cole leaves...gee, it got dark fast. Continuity, anyone?
He's headed home and Rowena is on the run. Sam questions Dean about the whole line about him being past saving and Dean explains it away by saying he was just telling Cole what he needed to hear. Yeah, nobody believes that, Dean, including Sam, who looks very worried as Dean walks down the alley. Beautiful shot of the brothers walking down that alley, by the way.

In hell, Gerald is all boasting about capturing Rowena thanks to a back-up team of demons at the hotel. Crowley is not impressed. "What do you want, a medal?" Crowley enters the cell to find an already tortured Rowena and she greets him some remarks about his height. Hey, she's short, too. :P Love her taunting him and then we get the zoom in on Crowley and..."Mother?" Haha!!!! I totally called this...well, not really. I never talked about it. But I knew from reading the description for Rowena way back at the beginning of the season that she was a witch and well, putting 2 and 2 together, she had to be Crowley's mom. Awesome!


Very good episode! So much better than last week's weak entry IMO. Show is back on track! :D

[Borrowing a bit from my comment at positively_spn here] Definitely some surprises tonight: Hannah leaving her vessel, Cole's return & reveal about his dad from Dean.

For once the angel storyline wasn't boring, which was a relief. Poor Cas though...all alone now. Though it did seem a little odd for Hannah to abandon the mission that was all her idea in the first place. Will Cas go on carrying out the mission without her or seek out his vessel's family? I've read spoilers, so I know the answer, but...shhhhh. ;)

Loved the 2nd fight between Cole and Dean. But I wonder if we've seen the last of Cole (hope not) or will he keep hunting now that he knows what's out there. It would be great if he turned into a hunter and the boys could end up working with him sometime in the future. Interesting that his dad was a monster that Dean's never seen before or since. But what does that mean for Cole? Will he turn into a monster himself? Does that liver-eating monster run through families? Too many questions. I hope Cole remains human though because I'd hate for his family to have to go through that. At the same time...what kind of a life will they have if he turns into a hunter? *sigh*

Glad Rowena was finally revealed. Wonder what Crowley's going to do with her? Hmmm. Looks like he doesn't have a good relationship with her anymore than he did with his son, at first anyway. Kill mommy or use her as a means to an end? This should be interesting.

So a good episode and I'm already looking forward to next week. Do you know there's only 2 episodes left this year? Yep. The two eps in December and then we're on Winter Hiatus. Fortunately for me, I look forward to the breaks. LOL If I'm lucky, it gives me a chance to catch up on things here on LJ.

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