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First Impressions: 10x08 "Hibbing 911"

Another season, another stab at writing short tediously long, but entertaining reviews (I hope).

Well we know this guy's doomed. :P
A graffiti artist using stencils? Ha! Love how his blood ends up on the smiley face instead of paint. Nice.

Jody!!!!! Oh, a Sheriff's Retreat...what...fun.
Yeah, hippy girl doesn't seem odd at all. Recognize this location! Season 7's Wedding ep, anyone? ;)
Donna!!!!! She's just as chipper as ever. Yeah, these two are hitting it off like oil and water.
I just met Doug and I wanna slap him...and I don't slap people.
Doug is Donna's ex-husband. Gonna be a fun weekend for her! :P

The boys in the bunker, doing research on the Mark...or trying to. There's nothing so far in the MOL archives.

Dean: I love the smell of parchment in the morning.

That's all the sheriffs from Minnesota and both Dakotas? I'm thinking some ditched the trip.
Jody's on the phone home to Alex...talking about not throwing a kegger. Trouble in teensville.
Of course, Donna wants to team up with Jody.
The 2 hear about the body from the teaser...they're calling it an animal attack, but there wasn't much left of the body except bones. Jody's interested and calls the boys!

Jody's just now learning that Dean's back. Good job on letting your friends know there, Sam. She lets the boys in on the body, but when they offer to come and help she's says she can handle it and let them know if she can't.

Sam: Well, uh, enjoy the retreat.
Jody: Screw you, Winchester.

Dean's ready to hit the road...endless research is not his thing. Sam's reluctant until Dean pulls out the puppy eyes! Yes, Dean can do it, too! *g*

Jody goes to the morgue and doesn't get any cooperation in seeing the body until local, Donna shows up.

Donna: Ooofta. Ate the whole kit and caboodle. That's for darn sure.

Jody finds there's a belt missing from the guy's personal effects and Donna can't find any bite marks.

Welcome to victim #2...that serves you right for sneaking smokes like that! Sucked into the dumpster. Well, at least it contained the mess...mostly.

Donna and Jody question Len and don't get anywhere. Then Donna spots her ex dancing with a pretty young thing.

Jody: Honestly, Donna, I just met the guy, but...Doug seems like kind of a dick.
Donna: But he was my dick.

Jody finds out about the 2nd vic and they're still pushing the animal attack.
Uh, oh....sounds like Alex is up to no good at home. Heehee! Donna with her "Shut the front door!".
Awww...gal bonding. :)

Donna: So, fresh corpse, jerk ex-husband, out-of-control teen. Wanna get blingo'd on my minibar and watch pay-per-view?

Yes!!!!! "The Weight"!!!!!!! Finally!!!!! :D :D :D
And it's so sweet to have the boys drive up in the Impala to the song.

Jody: I said I could handle it!
Dean: Nice to see you, too.

The boys just came from the morgue and the 2nd vic was eaten like the first and has a missing wallet. The boys recognize Donna.

Jody: "You guys know my stalker?"

The boys wanna keep Donna from knowing about the darkside stuff. Jody talks Donna into checking out the gear expo while the boys do some questioning of their own. They are met with some resistance, especially from the one deputy.

Dean: Oh, pal, the FBI doesn't do cute.

Sam steps in and tries to diffuse the building hostility. He's so good at that. :)
Apparently there's no video footage of the attacks...riiiiight.

Sam: I'll go try and crack the police server. Maybe something showed up on surveillance.
Dean: Yeah, maybe I'll go crack the deputy.
Sam: Right, but this time, try to be a little less defensive of your "pretend job".
Dean: You know, this badge means something.
Sam: I made it at Kinko's.
Dean: Yes, you did. Be proud of that.

Ah, Jody and Donna admiring the firearms. Of course, this guy is sort of a jerk, too...showing them the smaller ones. Instead they go for the big guns and know all about them. Ha!

Jody: You call this a big one? Hope you drive a Porshe.

Oh, goody...Doug again. Oh, my god this guy! So glad when Jody steps in and lets him have it! "You are just a douche!" Heh. Well, he walks away. Donna's not happy though. "Till you've lost a husband you keep your mouth zipped about mine!" Oh...Jody has flashbacks to her husband's horrible death...by her son. Donna reads her right away and tries to smooth things out, but the damage is done and she goes to get some air.

Dean talks to the deputy again and this time tries a new approach...spread some honey instead of vinegar. It works. Turns out Len changed the password on the server the other day. So something's being covered up.

Donna's outside and finds a blood trail...and a dead sheriff...with Len crouched over it. And he's showing his vampire teeth!!!! She hides just in time. Oh, Donna... :(

Jody questions Dean about how he's doing, that he went off the reservation a while back. Dean says he's fine..."It's nothing I can't handle". Jody makes the offer for talking if he needs it. Then Sam shows up and says the video footage has been deleted from the server. Donna steps in and is very nervous...she pulls Jody aside and Jody apologizes for their earlier conversation. Donna's more concerned about what she's just seen...the sheriff with a bunch of "shark teeth" in his mouth. Donna saw which room at the hotel is Len's while Jody leaves Sam a phone message about it, the two of them go check it out. That's a lot of suntan lotion. Love how Donna does the old-school pencil rubbing on the pad of paper! Cute! Then they hear someone coming in the room and Jody whips out a machete! LOL The boys are there! And Donna finds out Len is a vampire.

Dean: You want to give her the talk?

Donna handles the info. pretty well...even about the health spa being run by monsters that sucked her fat. She passes along the piece of paper, which has an address. It's a farm outside of town. The boys try to talk Donna out of coming along.

Dean: You're gonna sit this one out.
Donna: Stuff you, Dean! Or whatever your real name is.
Jody: Hanscum's good.
Sam: Jody -
Jody: I said she's good.

And that's that. :)

Okay, there's a continuity error here!
When the gals climb into the Impala, Donna goes in first, on the driver's side in the back and Jody follows her in. When they drive up to the farm and everyone gets out...Donna is suddenly right behind Dean when she should be behind Sam. She and Jody somehow switched spots during the drive??? Ooopsie!

Dean hands out machetes, telling Donna to swing hard to lop the vampire's heads off. Okay...Len's praying? Weird. Then he's gone! Then he's telling them to run. Uh, oh! The boys are knocked out rather easily and Sam wakes up all woozy and with blurry vision. Donna and Jody have been captured by other vamps.

Starr (to Sam): Well, hi there, sunflower.

Yep, it's hippy girl. Oooh...she's got hands all over Dean's face. Lucky! But he's not impressed. "You're a vampire. You're scum. End of story." Then she takes off his belt. They don't just eat people, they "use all the parts of the buffalo". Len pleads for their lives, but it's falling on deaf ears. He doesn't drink human blood...he didn't kill the other sheriff, but just found her body and reacted to the smell of her blood. Love the silent looks and communication between the boys about breaking free. But Donna's already working on it by breaking her glasses to cut the ropes. Dean's working on his ropes as well thanks to a handy nail in the post.

Turns out Len taught the others to use all of the bodies, but he got a conscience and left them. He refuses to kill with them now, so Starr cuts his head off. Bye, Len. Dean cuts free and kills two of the vamps...except for Starr who's about to attack Jody. Donna comes to the rescue just in time! "Hakuna matata, lady." Hee! Nice little connection to Dean's "Circle of Life" Lion King comment earlier in the scene. :P

Love the two little conversations going around the car: the gals at the front and the boys back by the trunk. Jody's all proud of Donna for the vamp kill (and Donna rightly is, too) and Sam's wondering if Dean's alright.

Dean: Yeah, you know, for the first time I've been back, I didn't feel like the Mark was pushing me.

He says he felt like himself again. Liar!!!! Puleeeze! Sam points out it's good, but you can see the doubt in his eyes. Something's wrong.

Jody offers to fill Donna in on what kills what out there. Awwww. :)
And then Dean rubs his arm where the Mark is before getting into the car...


This was a good ep, a fun one. It didn't bowl me over with excitement and thrills like a lot of the eps this season, so I'm not gushing with happiness here. It was, however, better than the snore-fest of "Ask Jeeves". But I'm eager to get back to the mythology stuff and taking care of Dean and the Mark. :)

Happy they paired Donna and Jody together. People are saying they should be the spin-off show. I'm all for that, but wouldn't one of them have to move to where the other is? But I do look forward to seeing these two again, either together or separately with the boys. They've got another ally out there that knows about monsters! :D

I am sooooo excited about next week's Mid-Season Finale. OMG! *bounces*
Gonna be counting down the days!

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