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January 2015 SPN Calendar Images

As many of you know, I just bought the single SPN Calendar that is not by Creation Entertainment. Yeah, the ones by Creation were tempting, and I probably would have bought them if I hadn't gotten this one, but buying this single calendar at a store was easier and cheaper. A much better option for me right now.

This calendar by Universe is really nice, with most of the images coming from the last big photo shoot of the actors and the most recent seasons. You also get an extra little pic at the bottom of each month along with the big, main image. Sweet! So I'll be sharing those as well.

The lovely cover from Season 9.
 photo SPN2015CalendarCover_zps97bc7f42.jpg

From 9x08 "Rock And A Hard Place".
 photo SPN2015Calendar_01Jan_zps9f8dfcfa.jpg

This is the small pic in the bottom left corner...also from "Rock And A Hard Place".

 photo SPN2015Calendar_01JanSm_zps3a5886c7.jpg

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