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PCA Disappointment

Just going to be honest here and say that while I want to be happy for Misha winning in the Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Actor category, I can't help but be extremely disappointed that Jensen didn't win...or Jared for that matter.

*ducks rocks being thrown by Misha fans*

Sorry, but I am a Jensen fangirl. I've never hidden that fact. When I voted (which wasn't that much - more on this below) practically all my votes went to Jensen. A lot of good it did. *sigh* But it looks like since Jensen & Jared were against each other and then you had Ian & Paul from The Vampire Diaries against each other, they all cancelled each other out and Misha won. Or the Misha fanbase is much bigger than I gave them credit for, which, based on how many Cas cosplayers I've seen at VanCon the past few years, is quite large.

So now we know why the boys were not invited to the awards show yet again. *sigh*

Supernatural didn't even win for Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy show. That award went to Beauty And The Beast...What. The. Hell??? How is that show even still on the air??? Grrrrrr. How did SPN not win that with 10 seasons under it's belt? They deserved better!

The Vampire Diaries won in the Favorite Duo category with Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder. Hard to believe Jensen & Jared didn't win that one. :(

I will say that I feel partly to blame for these award losses. I simply didn't vote as much or as often as I did a year or so ago. Real life being crazy as it is, and coming home so tired every day...I just didn't have much energy for endlessly voting. I did what I could, but felt it wasn't enough.

It was noticeable how little attention the PCAs got online this time around. The year we won, you couldn't go anywhere without seeing posts and Tweets about voting for the boys and the show. This time, there was practically nothing online to promote voting. There were hardly any posts here on LJ, and even Twitter was fairly quiet. My impression is that fans are a little tired of voting for things involving the show. There are an awful lot of contests and online polls. They're everywhere, every week it seems. Used to be that fandom banded together and would win everything that it was nominated for. That's not the case anymore. I'm not sure about the reasons, but it's probably due to a lot of things...fans getting bored w/polls & contests, real life interfering with voting, and maybe a lack of confidence in the show itself.

So in the end, as a fandom, I feel we really only have ourselves to blame for this year's PCA losses. Two years in a row like this...I hope the show isn't fated to never win another PCA.

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