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First Impressions: 10x10 "The Hunter Games"

Going to try something different with my review this time to see if I can't make this a little shorter and an easier read. Wish me luck!

I'll start out by saying I LOVED the "Then" opening with "The Long Black Road" by Electric Light Orchestra. Very fitting lyrics excellently edited to Dean being a demon and then struggling against the Mark.

So I drifted for a while down the road to ruin
I couldn't find my way I didn't know what I was doin'
I saw a lot of people coming back the other way
So I kept on goin' when I heard them say

"you gotta get up in the morning take your heavy load
And you gotta keep goin' down the long black road"


♦ Crowley getting stabbed was all a dream.
♦ Of course, Rowena is using a hex bag on her son.
♦ Why on earth is Rowena allowed to roam and search around. Even Guthrie isn't keeping close tabs on her. Just seems stupid of Crowley considering he keeps saying he doesn't trust her. His actions speak differently. Maybe he's letting her do her tricks just so he can see where it goes and then stop her?
♦ Rowena being all sickly sweet and motherly just twists my stomach. On the upside, I love hearing her speak. *g*
♦ Crowley calling Dean squirrel just never gets old. :)
♦ So...demons don't eat. Yes, I realize this is how Crowley knew Dean was ready to go all demon as the end of last season. Good to know. Matches the fact that angels don't eat either.
♦ Those are some friggin' huge scissors!
♦ The visual effects of Rowena doing her magic and listening in on Crowely and boys in the alley was amazing! Bravo show!
♦ You gotta love how Crowley has a box that is perfectly molded to the First Blade's shape. Such attention to detail! :P

♦ Dean looking at himself in the cracked mirror...a broken man.
♦ Love Sam's venomous "You. Killed. My. Brother." to Metatron and then Dean stepping out of the shadows. The music cue was friggin' excellent! Epic moment!
Sam: "This is the single worst idea I've ever heard." He's talking about getting the First Blade back, but to be honest, I'd say working and trusting Metatron for the answers is the worst idea.
♦ Dean locking the dungeon door, pulling out an angel blade and threatening Metatron was totally hot and awesome! Loved the music and the beautiful close-up on Jensen's face and that menacing smile of his.
♦ Sam's face when he realizes where Dean is. Pure love for all the brotherly worrying!
♦ Clearly Sam hasn't perfected door kicking like Dean has. :P Cas blasting away the door was pretty badass. Though aren't they gonna need a new door? [Clearly, I'm thinking about this too much.]
♦ I sooooo still want Metatron dead. When Dean nearly killed him, I was sort of cheering him on, but then I realized that would just push Dean over the edge with the Mark. Dammit!
"The river ends at the source." Now the first thing that entered my head was: Cain! Why don't the boys think of this? Though Sam does mention him shortly after that, so maybe they'll figure it out.
♦ I love Sam's faith in Dean and that he hasn't locked his brother up yet. He believes Dean can fight the Mark.

♦ Sad that Claire is still defending Randy, but then she doesn't know what we know.
♦ How on earth has Claire survived this long when she spills details of her life to perfect strangers so easily?
♦ Cas sending Dean to talk to Claire seems like a pretty stupid idea.
♦ I totally know the location where Dean goes to meet Claire! Heehee! Been there! :D
♦ So Claire has a change of heart about having her new friends kill Dean. Interesting. So proud of Dean for not killing the couple when he easily could have. Looks like there's hope yet...
♦ Good on Cas for letting Claire go. At least she promised to call. We might see her again down the road.

♦ You'd think the angels would put the doorway to heaven in a less conspicuous spot than a kids playground.
♦ The demon tablet is missing? I can't even remember when we last saw it (which is nothing new for me).
♦ Astoria Hotel! I've been past that location. Sadly, didn't get any photos of it...I don't think. Nice to see it again.
♦ Boys all wet in the rain! BEST. THING. EVER! :D
♦ Very nice tribute to actor/stand-in Matt Riley at the end of the ep.


Rowena: You're soaked in the horror sweat. I haven't seen that since the plague years, darling what can I do?
Crowley: Not a thing you evil bitch.
Rowena: 'Not a thing you evil bitch,' mother.

Dean: That was a massacre, is what it was. There was a time I was a hunter, not a stone cold killer. You can say it, you're not wrong. I crossed a line. Guys, this thing's got to go.

Castiel: “It’s possible there’s a little monster in all of us.”

Metatron: Ain't life a bitch? Nebbishly little guy -- me -- always sticking it to the lunkhead jocks.

Metatron: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on there badass. Lighten up. Why do you just assume I won't help?
Sam: Because you're a dickwad.
Metatron: But I'm your dickwad. I have a special place in my... non-heart for you both, to which end ta-da! I would be tickled to help you pop this Biblical zit. To do it you are going to need one specific thing... Your old bud, the First Blade.
Sam: What?
Metatron: As I said, ain't life a bitch?

Rowena: Of course you recall the lovely lullaby I sang you nightly after you fed the goat.
Crowley: You never sung me a lullaby, you dosed me with whiskey until I passed out.
Rowena: Even then I had a touch for pharmacology, your mum was a prodigy.
Crowley: Funny, not what I called you.

Claire: “First I lose my first dad, and now I lose my second. And who killed him and trashed my life? The buddy of the guy who killed my first dad and wants to be my third dad.”

Dean: “You know us, when we screw ourselves, we like to go whole-hog.”

Castiel to Dean: “I thought there would be a connection, one extremely messed-up human to another. You could explain why you murdered her only friend.”

Crowley: You want me to procure the most dangerous weapon on the planet for Dean Winchester, the man who goes mental every time he touches it? I thought you wanted go for a beer, catch a film.

Dean: I mean where do I begin? Stealing Cas' grace, casting out the angels, making Gadreel kill Kevin using my brother's hands, starting an angel war, and oh yeah... You killed me.
Metatron: My morality is being judged by Dean Winchester? How many people have suffered and died because they believed in you? How many times have you lied to Sam, including, oh by the way, when he was possessed by an angel? And you say, 'oh well it's for the greater good' but lately buddy, that greater good thing just went away didn't it? Now people die because you want them to. [Dean punches Metatron] Good Dean, go darker. [Dean punches Metatron] Go deeper. Surely you noticed every time you respond when the Mark gets you all twitchy, you fall deeper under it's spell. You think roughing up a few humans or demons makes it worse? Try messing with the Scribe of God, bucko!

Metatron: And then Kevin's death all on you, you put him in harms way and kept him there. Gadreel possessing Sam? Who was it who tricked Sam into letting him in? And then my personal favorite -- Dean Winchester. Whose entire existence is defined by a war on the dark and monsterous, bromancing his way around the country with the King of Hell!

Dean: He said the river ends at the source.
Sam: What does that mean?
Dean: Maybe nothin'. It was the last thing he said before you guys busted in.
Sam: Dean, look man we had to.
Dean: Hey, no I get it, alright. I was going to kill him, and I couldn't stop myself.
Sam: We'll figure it out alright. Remember what Cas said about needing a powerful force?
Dean: Yeah so?
Sam: So, I've been thinking, look. Cain still has the Mark right? And he's lived with it, for years he's lived with it. So yeah, the Mark is strong, but Dean maybe there's a part of you that wants to give into it, and maybe you have to fight that, you know? Maybe part of that powerful force has to be you.


Really enjoyed the episode and despite being spoiled for some of it, it didn't ruin the experience at all. I still think Castiel's storyline is the weak link in the season and adding Claire didn't help. What does he do now? I found it interesting that they used the clip of Crowley saying Cas owes him in the "Then" segment. Wonder when that will come back to haunt him?

It bugs me that Crowley is seemingly letting Rowena run wild and do whatever she wants. Maybe this is still part of his humanity clouding things? He's usually smarter than this. After all, he knows how to manipulate the boys and yet he's falling under the charms of his own mother? Who he claims to despise? Lots of mixed signals here.

Totally loved the scenes between Dean and Metatron. Two actors really going at it. Bravo to Jensen and Curtis! I suspect now that using Metatron has come to an end, the boys will figure out a trip to visit Cain will soon be in order.

So what do you think of this format of review? Please let me know. :)

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