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First Impressions: 10x11 "There's No Place Like Home"

Based on your comments from last week's review, you all seem to like my new format. Thanks for the input! I must admit this is a little easier than typing every scene up.


♦ Anyone know what kind of car Charlie was driving? Hee! So cute and yellow and so...somehow Charlie.
♦ All I kept thinking during the discussion between Charlie and the boys at the bar was how Charlie's good/bad split is a lot like Soulless Sam of S6.
♦ So adorable that Good Charlie doesn't even want to hack into people's accounts. "It's bad."
♦ And good on Charlie for wanting the boys to be honest with her and not have a secret discussion. "Secrets are bad."
♦ What is it with Charlie getting her arm broken when she's with the boys? This is twice it's happened.

♦ OMG Her wearing those black leather pants AND doing the choke-hold thing on Dean with her legs?!?! How awesome was that??? Bad for Dean of course..."Crap!" LOL I guess Felicia Day really loved doing that stunt, too. Hee! Lucky her. ;)
♦ Not only does Dark Charlie flatten one of the Impala's tires, she steals the car, earning 2 "Son of a bitch!" exclamations from Dean.
♦ I just KNEW Dark Charlie was up to no good when she went in to talk to Wellington. Dean should have gone in the room with her, but he had her sword, so he probably figured it was safe. I did enjoy the slow build up to the killing though and the look back at Dean before she closed the door and attacked.
Dark Charlie: "You know what I learned about being dark? It sets you free...and part of you knows that's right, too." Goodness knows Dean has experience being dark.

♦ Love it when the boys cook for one another. *hearts* :) Though I'm with Dean on the egg whites. They're healthy, but nothing like actual regular eggs. Bleh.
♦ So Dean's given up junk food and booze. Wonder how long that's going to last. :P
♦ Dean holding that knife and having it shake in his hand...love those little constant reminders of the Mark's power.
♦ Loved that Dean noticed when the Harper DA dude was lying. And good on Sam for not stepping in when Dean went all bad cop interrogator on the guy. You could tell he was ready to step in if Dean got out of hand, but he waited.
Dean: "What the hell is kale?" LOL! Nice little shout out to Misha Collins? :P
♦ Dean signing in as Mr. Presley at Wellington's office...I kept thinking it should have been Mr. Priestly as a shout-out to "Ten Inch Hero". :P
♦ Dean reading a women's health magazine and...mammograms. LOL!
♦ Ok, now I really want to know what Dean's dream home would be like.
Dean [to Wellington]: "Stay here. Do NOT leave this room." Ooooh...I do love it when Dean gets all authoritative. :)
♦ You just know Dean blames himself for Wellington's death even though the guy killed Charlie's parents and was a jerk.
♦ Smart Dean telling Dark Charlie the wrong town to find Clive. It didn't work, but at least he tried. She must have somehow followed him there.
Dean to Sam on the phone: "Dick Charlie just hotwired Baby!" Heehee! Dean's really pissed. You don't mess with Baby!
♦ Oh, Dean...totally whaling on Dark Charlie and seemingly forgetting that it was going to effect Good Charlie at the same time. :( It was only when Sam yelled out his name that he stopped and realized what he had done. Love how Jensen sort of staggered backwards and away, a horrified Dean.
♦ I loved sweet Sam holding Charlie while she cried, but I wanted to hug Dean as he looked down at his bloody knuckles. All that guilt and self-loathing written on his face. Bravo acting by Jensen.

♦ Returning actors are always fun to see on the show, this time from "Tall Tales", "Fallen Idols" and "Hammer Of The Gods".
♦ Awesome shot of the side of the Impala as the boys are driving at night. :D
♦ Hey, that blue house is the same location used for "Freaks And Geeks" where Krissy & the hunter kids were living. They also reused the house from "Dark Side Of The Moon". Sweet!
♦ I love that they gave Good Charlie and Dark Charlie different hair styles. It totally works, along with the different wardrobe.
♦ Did we miss something? Sam tells Charlie he'll tell her about Dean in the car but then we never see it, yet there was a glimpse of it in the extended promo. Cut scene?
♦ Hey! That sounds like Robert Singer doing the self-help tape. Hee! "The key to quieting your mind is minding your quiet." LOL!
♦ Nice overhead shot as Sam brings the file for Clive Dylan over to Charlie in the bunker. Love those!
♦ I was all, "You forgot the key!" and then Charlie came back and grabbed it from the table.
♦ So there's 6 keys to Oz...wonder where the others are?
♦ That is one seriously creepy mask on the Wizard of Oz. However, I think it should have been sort of just stuck to his face instead of showing that cheap plastic store-bought looking strap to hold it on.
♦ Awesome effects with the broken mirror entrance of the Wizard and of Charlie's halves becoming whole again.
♦ Sam's on the phone to Cas twice in the ep (yeah, didn't miss the angel storyline this time!). Yes, Sam...go find Cain! Sorry, just getting a little frustrated that they keep searching through old books for a solution when they should be seeing the man himself about removing the MOC from Dean.
♦ Seriously? Sam thinks the answer's going to be in a book (Book of the Damned) that looks like he found it off of the Italian version of Amazon? Btw, it's an actual friggin' book!
♦ Awww...those hugs between Charlie and the boys always get to me. She really is like the little sister they never had. Dean calling her kiddo and everything. *hearts*
♦ I love Sam's faith in Dean..."You can do this. We can do this." but you can tell Dean doesn't believe in himself, especially after what just happened with Charlie. Though at the end when he checks his arm, his hand isn't shaking...hope, perhaps or just a quiet moment in the storm because the Mark got fed a little?


Sam: “You made egg white omelets?"
Dean: “Yeah, the breakfast of champions. You know, if you’re a dork like you."

Dean: Sooner we get rid of this demonic tramp stamp, I am back on the booze, burgers... and more booze.

Dean: What are you saying Charlie tortured someone? Our Charlie, yay high? Wouldn't hurt a hobbit, practically sparkles.

Sam: Anti-authority disorder, clinical depression, violent outbursts; Charlie was a-
Dean: Dude, the shrink interviewed us at that age, you think the report would be all kittens and rainbows? Come on, she's a good kid. There's got to be an explanation for this man, there's just got to be.

Dark Charlie: Oh Sam, you're adorable. You're not gonna hurt me, in fact that's your problem. All good guy code no bite, what a waste. And you [to Dean] always letting this albatross hold you back.

Sam: There are two of you? One good and one bad?
Dean: Yeah, and what, dick you is some sort of a ninja?
Charlie: She's a badass, yeah.

Charlie: We're still connected physically, if you hurt her, you hurt me. But bottom line, she's bad and I'm good. And let just me tell you being good is really annoying. Normally at a place like this I'd be pounding Harvey Wallbangers and checking out the bartender's ass. Now all I wanna do is sip club sodas and send her to college.

Dean: Charlie... Lets talk about this.
Dark Charlie: You Winchester boys and your talk. Blah blah blah repressed feelings. Blah blah blah passive aggression.

The Wizard of Oz to Sam: “Your friend wanted to be a hero. And do you know what happens to heroes? They die.”

Dark Charlie: You did it, didn't you? You killed the Wizard. I knew it, the magic was in you all the time. Celeste.

Sam: So are you-
Charlie: Good? Bad? I think I'll just settle for balanced.

Charlie: We are going to fix this. I'm not letting what happened to me happen to you.
Dean: But it's already happened.
Sam: Cain found a way to live with it.
Dean: Yeah, after centuries of murder.
Charlie: Yeah well, there's one thing you have that he didn't. You're a Winchester. I forgive you Dean.
Dean: Yeah well, I don't.
Charlie: I know, kinda your move. How's that working out for you?
Dean: I'm so sorry kiddo.
Charlie: Then prove it.

Charlie: Arrivederci, bitches.

Sam: “You good?"
Dean: “No."
Sam: “She’s right, Dean. You can do this. We can do this."
Dean: “Then let’s get to work."


I always love the Charlie eps, so it's no surprise that I enjoyed this one. :)
And Charlie's still alive! Would they dare kill her off??? *worries* I just think Felicia is a wonderful addition to the show and Charlie is such a likable character and I love how the boys care about her.

Thank goodness there was no angel stuff this week! Though where they're going to take Cas's storyline now, I have no idea. It was also nice to have one plot in an episode instead of multiple ones. I don't mind the multiple plot eps, but they can be a bit much after a while.

Bravo to the actors this week, really giving it their all (not that they don't usually, but everyone was quite excellent, even down to the returning guest actors). Felicia did a great job of playing both Charlies...very different yet part of what makes Charlie who she is. I think she's going to be dealing with feeling that quietness from Dark Charlie for some time to come. Clearly there's some lasting effects of being split apart like that. :(

I love how Sam is still letting Dean take the lead, but he's watching and waiting and most of all trusting Dean to control the Mark. I'm hoping that Sam's faith will somehow save Dean in the end...like Dean's faith in Sam allowed him to overpower Lucifer in "Swan Song". Cheers to Dean for trying to live a cleaner life (health food, etc.) but it's obvious that fighting the Mark is going to be long, hard battle. He'll have some triumphs like last week, but he can't fight it all the time.

Next week's ep looks like it will be a lot of fun.

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