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Just 'Cause

This cap is from 5x18 "Point Of No Return".
Click to see the full-sized cap.

I believe this is from the scene where Sam catches up to runaway Dean in his motel room and pleads with him to come back.
DEAN: I’m not going to kill myself.
SAM: No? So Michael’s not about to make you his Muppet? What the hell, man? This is how it ends? You just…walk out?
DEAN: Yeah, I guess.
SAM: How could you do that?
DEAN: How could I? All you’ve ever done is run away.
SAM: And I was wrong. Every single time I did.

  • Still trying to get over the big Super Bowl loss. I try to be positive (we'll be back & all that) but the truth is we should have won. *sigh*
  • New Storify links are up.
  • I've replied back to comments for the first couple of days of February. Now to keep it up and go back and take care of the ones for most of January.
Happy SPN Tuesday everyone! *hugs*

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