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First Impressions: 10x12 "About A Boy"

Sorry, I'm a little late. Got a streak of procrastination going and I just didn't feel like doing my review for a day or so. Grrrrr. But here it is in the new format. Enjoy!


♦ I liked Tina right away and it was nice for Dean to have someone to match crappy childhood stories with.
♦ Even teen Tina was totally likable and sweet, but at the same time you could totally tell she was an adult trapped in a younger body. Great actress.
♦ Tina's one smart little cookie, realizing that Dean can escape and trusting/knowing that he will come back for her.
♦ When Dean comes back and searches Tina's cell it looks like she ate the cake after all. :P
♦ I think Tina will be alright...who wouldn't want a 2nd chance like that?

♦ Ok, the whole clothes swapping thing is a little creepy when you think about it. So they leave their adult clothes behind...does that mean that wherever they're zapped to they're naked? And Hansel like puts clothes on them while they're still unconscious? Eewwww. That's not right. Maybe since it's a spell though, their new clothes are magically on them when they wake up? *hopes*
♦ Yeah, I thought Hansel talked the whole victim story a little too easily...
♦ So crazy to see Lesley Nicol as cook Mrs. Patmore on Downton Abbey and then to see her as this creepy cooking witch on SPN. I'm afraid her German accent didn't exactly stay consistent though.
♦ So the witch is from the Grand Coven and has been sent to take care of Rowena...interesting.
♦ Why would shoving the hex bag in the witch's mouth and then putting her into the fire kill her? And wouldn't just shoving her in the fire be enough so he could save the hex bag to use on Tina?

♦ Of course, Teen Dean eats the cake. I know this has been questioned a lot by fandom. However, if you think about it...teenage boys eat a lot and Dean naturally eats junk food/unhealthy food anyway. So I'm figuring that his teenage body was just doing it's thing and eating and Dean didn't even think about stopping until Tina mentioned the poison. :P
♦ Typical Dean, working on a way out of the cell right away.
♦ Dean admitting to Sam that he liked a Taylor Swift song. Bwahahahahaha!
♦ Dean's a great fighter but his teen self is no match for great big Hansel.

♦ I truly love Sam in this ep and for the first time in a very long time. From beginning to end, he's so supportive of Dean - telling him to forgive himself about Charlie, saying over and over how much he believes Dean can overcome the Mark or they can find a solution, wanting to get Dean back despite Teen Dean not having the Mark...so many brotherly feelings practically oozing out of Sam. It was wonderful! Where was this Sam in S9?
♦ Love how Sam picks up on Dean being uncomfortable about splitting up on the case right away, but when Dean says he's cool with it, Sam is too and gives his brother a reassuring pat on the arm. Awwww... *hearts* :)
"Screw it, I'm gonna believe in myself." - Dean's little pre-drink pep talk.
♦ OMG Sam going all badass on the bartender for lying about Dean's jacket. That was friggin' awesome!!! And that little fearful gulp moment when he spotted Dean's shoe under the dumpster.
♦ Sam's face as he comes to grips that Dean's been turned into a teenager...priceless. And the awkward staring at him in the car! Loved it!
♦ The woman thinking Dean is Sam's son...heehee! And then the bit in the car with moving the seat up...LOL!
♦ Ah, the Mark being gone...and Dean's willing to stay young just to be rid of the damned thing. Sam's not too keen on the idea though.
♦ BROTHERLY BANTER IN THE CAR!!!! Oh, that was sweet and Sam giving Dean a tough time about not being able to drink in a few years.
♦ Had to laugh at adult Dean being in Teen Dean's small clothes with the hoodie arms being too short! But why do the jeans seem to be the right size? :P
♦ Sam's face when he sees that the Mark is back...but he's grateful for Dean saving him and Tina. "You...pulled a Dean Winchester." Hee! I love that!
"I wanted you back." Sam saying "I love you" to Dean. Awwwwww!!!! *HEARTS* So much brotherly LOVE!!!!
♦ Again, I LOVE Sam being the supportive brother here...saying "We'll figure it out. We always do." And did you hear his voice quiver a little on that last line? Pure gold by Jared. Sam believing, but holding on by a thread because they haven't found any answer yet.
♦ OMG The Taylor Swift song coming on the radio!!! Sam's grimace and then looking at Dean and Dean's little smile/shrug like "what the hell, why not?" and keeping it on, with Sam looking at Dean like he's lost his mind. LOL :D

♦ Love the montage of Dean doing research and all the voice-over lines about the Mark. Beautiful.
"Flowery Flowers"...best line of the night. LOL
♦ So much music in this ep...which is awesome, but why the sudden splurge?
♦ Why do teen Tina and Dean say "they" right away when the only one they've seen is Hansel? They have no way of knowing he's not working alone.
♦ Since when can the boys kill witches? Am I missing something here or just not remembering?
♦ Continuity Error!!! (Maybe) After fighting with Hansel, Teen Dean has blood coming from his nose and it's there when he squeezes the hex bag to change back, but after he does, adult Dean no longer has any bloody nose. Ooops...or maybe it's something that changes with the whole jump in ages, like the Mark disappearing and re-appearing. Hmmmm.
♦ Did you notice Premiere Steelworks on the fire door? Just like the panic room door at Bobby's. ;)


Sam: "You can beat this, Dean."
Dean: "You really believe that?"
Sam: "Yeah, you're damn right I believe it."
Dean: “You know, you also believed in the Easter Bunny until you were 12."
Sam: “No I didn’t. I was 11."
Dean: “And a half."

Bum: Look we all know whats going here, okay.
Dean: Don't say it.
Bum: Aliens.
Dean: He said it.
Sam: Yeah, he did.
Bum: Dude was abducted believe me I know. May 2003 those suckers they grabbed me, and they probed me everywhere, and I'm talking everywhere.

Dean: “I came up with about 101 different ways to make macaroni and cheese. Add ketchup for spice, tuna, hot dogs, fluff marshmallow mix. My brother thought it was exotic.”

Dean: How we looking?
Sam: Not great. Turns out JP was about three days from getting evicted. His landlord said the guy blasted Neil Diamond 24/7, and that his bathroom was quote 'like staring into the Devil's butt.'
Dean: That's... vivid.
Sam: And accurate, I saw it.
Dean: You saw the john or-
Sam: Don't.

Tina: You know before, I thought you were just another drunk.
Dean: I prefer functional alcoholic.

Dean: “Some Scarface-looking dude, bright light, next thing I know, I wake up looking like Bieber.”

Dean: Really Sam, now? I got no grass on the infield and a girl's gonna to die. Sorry if I'm not in a chatty mood, look you wanted me back in the game, I'm back in the damn game. Come on.

Dean: What?
Sam: Nothing. Okay not nothing. This is bizarre, even for us. Dean This is insane, You're like 14, how does it even feel.
Dean: Well, I'm me. I'm old me, but a kid. It's freakin' weird dude, and...
Sam: What
Dean: There was a Taylor Swift song on the bus that I hopped to the motel, and uh, I liked it Sam. I liked it a lot.
Sam: Okay.
Dean: And my voice is weird, and I've got like nine zits, and I have zero control over this; I mean it's up, it's down, it's up for no reason.
Sam: That's enough yeah, no thanks. That's just called puberty.
Dean: Yeah, which sucks. Again.

Dean: Okay. We still got some of that witch killing crap in the trunk?
Sam: Hell yeah. So we'll get you changed back and light Sabrina's ass up.

Dean: Some good news though, virgin liver. So, what do you say when we're done doing our hero thing, we take it out for a test drive?
Sam: Yeah sure. I mean you can drink again in what like, seven years?
Dean: That's not funny.
Sam: That’s kind of funny.

Sam: “Dude, I’m way too big to fit in that."
Teen Dean: “First time you ever had to say that, huh?"
Sam: “Big talk coming from the dude wearing Underoos."

Witch: In the olden days, if a child went missing... the young died all the time. Now though with all your AMBER Alerts and your milk cartons, a person fillets one rugrat and people get so angry.
Dean: Yeah, I blame Obama.

Sam: Look, man do I wish the Mark was gone? Yes of course, absolutely I do. But I wanted you back, and here you are and you didn't Hulk out, I'll take the win. As for the rest of it...the Mark, everything else. We'll figure it out. We always do.
Dean: Damn right. Let's get out of here.

Dean: I'm back baby.


Total LOVE for this episode! Definitely one of the best of the season and I'll even add it to the all-time list. Yep, I enjoyed it that much. :D

How amazing was Dylan Everett as Teen Dean? Holy cow! He did his homework and according to the interview I listened to, even Jared offered him pointers because he knows Dean almost as well as Jensen does. Even though Jensen isn't in much of this episode, you don't even miss him because Dylan did such a great job. The mannerisms, the line delivery...everything. I even forgot that Dylan's eye color is all wrong to be Dean, I was so wrapped up in his performance.

Huge kudos to writer Adam Glass, for a great script with humor, brotherly moments, and some sweet insights into the boys' childhood. Those tidbits are always wonderful to learn about.

And what can I say about Jared...he was excellent acting off of Dylan. You'd think Jensen was right there the entire time with him. But all the reactions, the looks, the feelings coming off of Sam...Jared really did an incredible job. I do love the role reversal of this season, with Sam being the one looking after Dean and worrying about him and I truly look forward to how far he'll have to go in the weeks to come.

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