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Here we go again...

I swear I end up making a post like this one EVERY SINGLE SEASON lately. How many times do I have to keep going over this? *sigh*

Note: Some of this was copied from a comment I left on cassiopeia7's journal.

I've been reading some complaints about Carver not liking Sam (or even Dean very much). That's right...don't like the show anymore? Blame Jeremy Carver.

This is all based on opinion, of course. That's it - just fandom opinion. It doesn't reflect fact at all, unless someone was to point blank ask Carver how he feels about the characters and you had him hooked up to a lie detector. Then I'd buy it.

I love Season 10, but then I've loved every season, even the ones I had problems with (Season 9, Season 6). All I've heard/read from the people working on the show from day 1 is that SPN is about Sam & Dean and that's it. That's all I've seen from Season 1 until now....except for that piece of garbage "Bloodlines" that they shoved on us. Every single episode has Sam & Dean, every episode centers on their struggles. There are sometimes other characters and other story arcs, but the boys are there in the episode every time. Nobody working on the show has forgotten this.

It just riles me when people criticize the writers, because they have no idea what it's like to write for a TV series. I'd challenge any fanfic writer in fandom to try to write a 42 page properly formatted SPN Script - to see if they can successfully juggle all the plots, characters, and mythology in that short amount of time. I bet they'd find it difficult. Yet the writers of SPN do this all the time. And keep in mind....they wouldn't be working on this show if they didn't love these characters! People also think that the writers work singly and that even Carver works alone. This couldn't be further from the truth. Carver works with Bob Singer on outlining the direction the show will take each season. So if you're going to blame Carver, why not blame Singer as well? And just because you see one or two writers names on a episode that doesn't mean that they worked alone. All the writers confer with one another, they bounce ideas off one another. A script passes through a lot of hands before it gets to the cast & crew....and we know that even the actors put their own slant on certain scenes and lines.

No TV show is made by one person, it's an army and the people involved in the production tend to be a pretty passionate bunch. We've gotten plenty of proof that the people who work on SPN love what they do. Somehow fans tend to think that they're the only people who can love the show as much as they do, but that's untrue. I've been privileged to be able to speak to both Adam Glass and Robbie Thompson (albeit briefly) and I enjoyed hearing how much they love this show and appreciate Jensen & Jared and all that this show has done and the passion of it's fans. The giddiness they'd express over their up-and-coming scripts was wonderful to see.

And think about Jensen & Jared in all this...they've noted that there's been some times when there were things in a script they felt should be changed and they either called the writers about it or just made their own edits. But do you think that if they felt that their characters were being written poorly week after week that they'd just sit by and go along with it? No way. Sure, they've expressed misgivings about certain scripts with the writers and the producers, but it all gets worked out. Again...this is a group project. Everyone gets to give their input.

So if you're going to blame Carver...blame Bob Singer, too. Blame all the writers. All of them!
And if you're going to blame the writers, blame Jensen & Jared as well. They read the scripts and say the lines. They must believe in and be happy with the show, otherwise they wouldn't be signed up for an 11th season.

Maybe it's time we ALL believed in the show. Hmmm?

Sorry for the tirade, but it irritates me when people attack the good folks that put out this fine show for us. I especially feel I must speak up for the writers, because they take the most flack from the fans and it's really unfair.

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