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First Impressions: 10x14 "The Executioner's Song"

It feels like Mid-Season finale time again! This time I've added in a few small caps because...clearly I can't help myself. :D


♦ At first I thought Crowley was yet again being manipulated by his mother in their opening scene, but we learn soon enough that he's been aware of her ploys this entire time, so good for him. He was no doubt playing it up in the scene with the whiny crossroads demon just to trick her.
♦ Rowena wants Crowley to help her go after the leader of the Grand Coven. And the witch's end game is revealed. Her son's not interested though.
♦ Hee! Love that Crowley still has Dean as "Not Moose" on his phone. :P
♦ Crowley's totally right to not hand over the Blade to Dean right away. Smart move, considering none of them knows how Dean will react to it after all this time.
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♦ Hee! Rowena calling Crowley a "numbnut". :P So she chews him out for working with the Winchesters, threatens to leave, but then walks away and leaves her bags. Btw, what is in those bags anyway? She was put in a cell when she came to hell. What possessions could she possibly have? Granted, she's had some changes of clothing, so I guess Crowley allowed her to at least have that.

♦ Total LOVE for Cain's entrance at the prison as he walks down the hall and the lights go off cell by cell. That was soooooo cool!
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♦ Maybe it's just me, but it looks like Cain's wearing similar boots to what Dean used to wear and the knife he uses reminds me an awful lot of the one that Dean used to keep under his pillow in Season 1. Coincidence? Probably not.
♦ So Cain "got the taste back" for killing again and he's trying to kill a lot of his descendents because they're all tainted by his "disease". Cain states it plainly: "There is no cure. I'm living proof of that."
Cain: "How does it feel, Dean? Holding the Blade again?" Dean: "It feels like a means to an end."
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♦ It's a cool fight between Cain and Dean. Cain's tactic is mostly about deflecting Dean's attacks. Then he realizes Dean is holding back...out of fear. He really doesn't hit Dean until that moment, turning the tide of the fight.
♦ Okay...so Cain doesn't remember telling Dean to kill him? Well, no...he's trying save Dean...in his own way.
♦ So Cain outlines how it will probably go down....with Dean killing Crowley, then Cas, and inevitably, Sam. So our worst fears (and Dean's) are no doubt going to materialize by the end of the season. *bites nails* Dean is still holding out hope, that resolve to save Sam at all costs. "No, never." He could never kill Sam, but will he truly be able to stop himself in the end if it comes to that?
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♦ I literally gasped when Dean cut off Cain's hand. Didn't see that coming. Although I did during the whole week thinking about this ep, except I thought Cain might try to cut off Dean's arm.
♦ OMG Dean's plaintive "Tell me I don't have to do this. Tell me you'll stop. Tell me that you can stop!" to Cain. He so wants to believe that he'll be able to fight the Mark, that there is an end without becoming a killer like Cain. :(
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♦ Ok, so here's my one problem with this ep...When Dean killed Abaddon with the Blade there was all this light and Dean's eyes glowed and it was really something. Yet when he kills Cain there's no light, just a clash of thunder. Did show screw up? Is Cain really dead? Or is his death different because he was the first Knight of Hell?

♦ Does Cas really think he can just kill Cain with an angel blade? He's a Knight of Hell, the only thing that will kill him is the First Blade.
♦ Cas, seriously? You're going to use up all your grace doing stuff like trying to attack Cain. I do love how effortlessly Cain swats Cas away. Total badass demon.
♦ Glad that Dean wisely gave the Blade to Cas for safekeeping. Wonder where he put it?

♦ The shots of the boys in the car were wonderful. Love feeling like we're sitting in the back seat of the Impala!
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♦ So Sam collects stats on serial killers...uh, yeah I'm with Dean, that's just weird.
♦ Ooooh...long coats again, but the lighter ones this time.
♦ I love that you can sense Dean knew it was Cain right away, even without zooming in on the video footage...and the Mark reacting to seeing it's original owner - and Sam noticing how it was effecting Dean.
♦ Dean's still eating. Maybe the Mark really IS hungry. :P
♦ I love Dean's resolve..."I'll do what I have to. I'll kill Cain." He feels responsible (yeah, there's a news flash) for putting Cain in this position where he's killing again.
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♦ You could tell Dean lied to Crowley about him being on Cain's list, but then it was the only way the demon was going to deliver the Blade to them.
♦ Sam complains about using a 12 yr old as bait for Cain, but really, what else are they going to do? I suspect Sam just really, really doesn't want his brother face to face with Cain at all.
"I'm scared, Sam." Well, just break my heart already, why don't you? I so didn't want that scene to just end with that!
♦ Dean wisely doesn't want Sam or Cas in the room when he's fighting Cain. His little speech to the group about killing whatever comes back out after the fight kind of reminds me of the warning Dean gave to Cas in "On The Head Of A Pin"..."You ask me to open that door and walk through it, you will not like what walks back out." And those looks between the brothers just before Dean walks up the stairs...Dean with his brave, big brother smile and Sam all worried. Meep.
♦ Oh, my...Dean literally collapsing into Sam's arms, looking as devastated and lost as we've ever seen him. *cries* Sam tells him "You did it. You did it." and then Dean looks up...at the room where Cain is perhaps? So I'm still wondering if he really killed him. After all, we see him strike Cain from the back (odd choice), so he could have stabbed him without it being a killing blow like he did with Abaddon. [See my comparison of the 2 in Cain's section above.]
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♦ Dean's bloody knuckles, Sam pointing out that Dean managed to resist the Blade & the Mark's powers despite facing Cain, Dean's half-hearted response....and then Cas asking how Dean is followed by Sam's broken "Cas...Dean's in trouble." If anyone can see or feel what Dean's hiding it would be Sam. OMG Show...what a way to end the episode.
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♦ Oh, wow....did you see the photo of Matt Riley on the wall of the room where Cas was interrogating the demon? "Congratulations, Mr. Riley - Fourth Grade Teacher Of The Year". Nice little tribute to the recently deceased stand-in.
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♦ That illusion spell is pretty cool and I do like Crowley working together with Cas and the boys. Their plan DID work in trapping Cain. Even he appreciated how clever they were.
♦ I'd also like to point out how awesome Jay Gruska's score was for this episode. I especially loved the music for the Teaser and Dean's fight with Cain. Epic music was epic! :D


Dean: “Bass fishing, needlepoint, that’s a hobby. Collecting serial killer stats? That is an illness.”

Cain: Hello Castiel.
Castiel: What have you done?
Cain: These bodies? Just cleaning up a mess I made a long time ago.

Castiel: This is a massacre.
Cain: Yes. And soon it will be a genocide. My children, my whole poisoned issue. Lot of them out there right now -- killers, fighters, thieves. Some more peaceful than others, but they still carry it -- the disease. If the Mark wants blood, I'll give it mine.
Castiel: You are Adam and Eve's first born, your descendants are legion.
Cain: At most I'm culling... one in ten.
Castiel: Of everyone.
Cain: I've got time.

Crowley: Well done Mother. Next time you run a long con, let more than a few hours of suspicious, entirely uncharacteristic usefulness pass before making your ask.
Rowena: You think I have an ulterior motive, that I've been manipulating you?
Crowley: You couldn't be more transparent.
Rowena: Well duh, of course I was manipulating you. I am your Mother after all. Manipulations who we are; my wee sausage. What matter is it that I had a motive, we had fun today, didn't we?

Sam: Where're you going?
Dean: We know where Cain's gonna be. The kid's in danger.
Sam: Okay, so what, we track him down to Ohio and then what?
Dean: Then I'll do what I have you do. I'll kill Cain.

Sam: Dean, wielding the Blade against Cain himself? Win or lose, you may never come back from that fight.
Dean: I know.

Dean: You know last week when I said I would go down swinging when the time came? I meant that, I was at peace with that -- I just didn't realize that the time would come so soon. Like right now... I'm scared Sam.

Crowley: What guarantee do I have that you'll give it back when you're done?
Dean: I survive and I come out there and don't give it back, you'll all have a much bigger problem on your hands.

Dean: I'll spare us the formalities. You're past talking down, Cain you're full mental.
Cain: Oh I prefer to think I've finally gotten clear. When I made my bargain with Lucifer -- killed Abel. I released a stain upon the Earth, a stain deeper and far more lasting than precedence.
Dean: You're bloodline is tainted, so you say.
Cain: So I know. Not all killers are my descendants, and not all my descendants are killers, but enough are. Enough for me to know that extinguishing them is the least I owe this world. Can you honestly tell me that humanity not better off with a fewer Tommy's, a fewer Leon's, a fewer you's?

Cain: You're holding back! What is it Dean? You think if you hold back just enough you won't succumb? That you'll leave this fight the same as you entered? Look to my example boy! There is no resisting the Mark or the Blade, there is only remission and relapse!

Cain: “Your biggest weakness, the thing I noticed the moment I met you? Your courage, your reckless bravado.”

Cain: It's been too long. That old feeling, makes wonder how I ever had the strength to resist. This may be hard to believe, what I'm about to do to you, but I care about you Dean, I truly do, but I know I'm doing you a favor. I'm saving you.
Dean: Saving me from what?
Cain: From your fate. Has it ever occurred to you? Have you never mused upon the fact that you are living my life in reverse. My story began when I killed my brother, and that's where your story will inevitably end.
Dean: No. Never.
Cain: It's called the Mark of Cain for a reason! First, first you'd kill Crowley -- there'd be some strange mixed feelings on that one, but you'd have your reason, get it done, no remorse. And then you'd kill the angel Castiel, now that one, that I suspect would hurt something awful. And then! Then would come the murder you'd never survive, the one that would finally turn you into as a much of a savage as it did me -- your brother Sam. The only thing standing between you and that destiny is this blade. You're welcome my son.

Rowena: “You’ve got the crown, but you’re no ruler. A sad, bored, wee boy on the throne who’ll flop ass up the second those Winchesters, Hunters, who’d as soon see you dead as have you to tea, ask you to. You’re no King, not anymore. You’re their bitch.”

Sam: Dean, um, you know what you did back there, it was incredible. You know if you can do that, without losing yourself, that's cause for hope -- even without a cure.
Dean: Yeah, maybe.


Wow. Just...wow. This was an excellent Mid-Season Finale episode...of epic proportions. Great story, great acting and direction - the whole nine yards. This is why SPN has lasted 10 seasons.

Seriously, this ep felt more like a Mid-Season Finale than the real one did.

Well, fandom's suspicions were correct. Show is pointing Dean down the same path Cain took (but in reverse). So will we see Dean trying to kill Sam by the season's end? Probably. They've laid it all out there now, so it'd be wrong not to play it out to it's eventual end. My guess is that Dean will continue to try to fight the Mark and that Sam will go on trying to find a cure or an answer to save Dean. What will actually happen by season's end is anybody's guess. All I know is that if they can deliver an intense episode like this in the middle of the season, we're in for quite a show by the end of it.

I will truly miss Cain (if he is really dead). Tim was a great addition to the show and his cool, calm demeanor really made Cain powerful. I'm glad Rowena's still around, even if her conniving ways annoy me and I'm glad that it was revealed that Crowley's known about her tricks all along. I figured he was smart enough to see through her deceptions. He didn't become the King of Hell by being stupid, after all. It was nice to see Cas teaming up with the boys again, but he really could only pose a hallow threat to Cain. At least hanging out and helping the boys with so many cases helped Cas to track down Cain.

As for the boys...well, they're headed down a dark road, that's for sure. How will the Mark continue to effect Dean? Will he eventually succumb to it as Cain predicted? Or will brotherly love triumph yet again? I do think the only one who can save Dean is Sam, one way or another. I just can't wait to see how that will happen. Bring on the angst! ;)

We've got a month long wait for a new ep - March 18th, with the show moving to Wednesdays. Happy hiatus everyone.

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