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Happy Birthday, Jensen!

It's a special day to celebrate a wonderful man who is not only handsome and multi-talented, but an amazing and beautiful person inside and out. When Jensen Ackles was born 37 years ago today, something aligned perfectly in the universe. He has perfectly muscular and toned arms, emerald eyes that reach right into your soul when he looks at you, a laugh that sounds like pure joy and a smile that lights up any room.

He is truly "like staring into the sun"...blindingly beautiful in almost every way. Not just a pretty face: he directs, acts, sings, and even dances. It seems like everything he tries comes easily to him, yet he loves challenging himself as well. I could go on*, but I'll let my photos of Jensen over the years speak for themselves. There just happen to be 37, btw. A little trip down memory lane over past VanCon photos (yrs 2009-2012). Enjoy!

* Plus, I am dead tired (& way late for bed) and even I have a hard time waxing poetic about Jensen when I'm exhausted, so you'll have to forgive my brevity.


// Click on the large thumbnails to see the original size photos //
Note: Most but possibly not all of these have been previously posted.

VanCon09JensenFanart001 VanCon09JensenFanart002 VanCon09JensenFanart003 VanCon09JensenFanart007 VanCon09JensenFanart010 VanCon09JensenFanart018 VanCon09JensenFanart024 VanCon09JensenFanart035 VanCon2010JensenFanart06 VanCon2010JensenFanart07 VanCon2010JensenFanart11 VanCon2010JensenFanart13 VanCon2010JensenFanart17 VanCon2010SunBrkfst_064Fanart VanCon2011JAFanart002_zpse678d242 VanCon2011JAFanart010_zpsa263b04b VanCon2011JAFanart014_zpsd45c768b VanCon2011JAFanart016_zpscb4bf76f VanCon2011JAFanart017_zps6e71a6c4 VanCon2011JAFanart023_zpsb85f329a VanCon2011JAFanart033_zps4fc80e2f VanCon2011JAFanart036_zps082310d7 VanCon2011JAFanart040_zps086c3602 VanCon2011JAFanart041_zps7940b12b VanCon2011JAFanart060_zpsb887fdaf VanCon2011JAFanart063_zps11627532 VanCon2011JAFanart065_zpsa3c0627a VanCon2012JAFanart001 VanCon2012JAFanart006 VanCon2012JAFanart009 VanCon2012JAFanart012 VanCon2012JAFanart014 VanCon2012JASquareFanart007 VanCon2012JASquareFanart008 VanCon2012JASquareFanart010 VanCon2012JASquareFanart018 VanCon2012JASquareFanart019 

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