raloria - Screencapping Goddess (raloria) wrote,
raloria - Screencapping Goddess

Thanks CW, I needed a laugh

Just watched the new SPN promo and...Bwahahahahaha! OMG That guy doing the voice-over!!! XD
Could his voice be any deeper and more hilarious and over the top??? LOL Wow...were they going for funny? Because that was really crazy funny and not necessarily in a good way.

And I'll just talk about it now because...well, why not?

:: SO excited to see Cole again! I hope they keep him around. The boys could use a hunting buddy again.
:: Rowena in a red dress! Is that Dean holding a knife to her throat? Ooooh!
:: "Learn it, live it, love it." Well alrighty then, Sam. *g*
:: Badass nun is badass...oh, wait. Don't hurt Dean!
:: Strangling Sam, must be Tues...err, Wednesday.
:: Winchester Wednesday. I like the sound of that. :)
:: "Shoot him!" Yes, please shoot Metatron!!!! But he's still an angel, wouldn't they need an angel blade to kill him?
:: "And for now it's for good...ish." LMAO! What???? Seriously, CW...what were you smoking when you thought of this ad?

Tags: quotes, spoilers, supernatural, video, youtube
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