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SeaCon 2015: Thursday Night Registration

*** As usual, I got there a little early and they didn't start in on the Gold Ticket people until after 9:30 - a whole half hour after they were supposed to begin. Seriously, Creation....you know when you're starting these things. Why can't you get set up in time?

*** Sadly didn't see any familiar faces, at least none that I really know. So different from VanCon where I'm buddies with so many people. It's a very different feeling than I've gotten used to.

*** I did, however, get to chatting with a few people behind me in line. A nice couple and a woman who's here at the con with her daughter. All of them were new to the whole con experience, so I got to share my knowledge and experience and answer their questions. :) Sadly, we didn't exchange names! Darn! But we compared seat numbers and we're all fairly close, so I hope to run into them all again.

*** There's no Vendor's Room this time. It's all set up out in the lobby area outside of the Grand Ballroom. Different for sure, but there was a ton of merchandise there. I remember when it was basically just t-shirts and glossy 8x10s. I got a mini-Crowley and a bracelet. :)

Took this pic of the boys...heh.

Tomorrow we have Lauren, Gil, and Felicia.
Oy! My feet are killing me already.

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