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SeaCon 2015: Saturday & Sunday

A little late, but here's some highlights...

*** Gil sang a bit of a song with a fan during his panel - and it was amazing! What a great moment.

*** Gil showed up Saturday with a sore left shoulder from lifting Felicia up during karaoke. Ooops.

*** I never tire of hearing Mark Sheppard wax poetic about fans, the fandom, and how the show (and others) bring us all together with the actors. ♥

*** Rob, Matt, & Richard re-created the Australian plane story again.

*** Jared was out in the vendor's area at his sister's table for her book and then crashed Misha's panel - twice. :)

*** The Saturday Night Special was a rockin' good time, but I was disappointed that Jensen wasn't there to sing for us. :(

*** Some things never change...Alaina is a pure beauty.

*** The Boys were all smiles and laughter. Got a great little strip tease from Jensen as he took his jacket off. Yowza!

*** On Sunday the ballroom was really packed. When the Boys saw how full the room was with fans they were really surprised!

*** During my photo-op with Jensen, the light reflected off my glasses, so Chris had me get in line again for a re-shoot. Another chance to hug Jensen? Whoo-hoo!!! :D

I spent this evening backing up all my photos & videos. There are over 3,000 photos. I think that's the most I've ever taken for a con. o.O

Tags: seacon 2015, supernatural
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