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TVD: The End Is Near

The big announcement today is that The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev is leaving the show after 6 seasons.

Well, hell...might as well end the whole show then without it's lead character.

I've watched since the beginning, but I must admit the show's been falling apart the past couple of seasons. I'm sick of the whole Elena/Damon storyline. I liked her with Stefan sooooo much better. I mean, they even made a big point of saying the 2 of them had always been together, were meant to be together throughout time with their doppelgangers and STILL they put Elena and Damon together instead. Gah!!!!!

Why oh why did they have Caroline turn off her humanity??? I can't stand her now. She's simply NOT likable! And c'mon! Friends die left and right and mommy dying is what pushes her over the edge and makes her decide she can't take the pain anymore? Oh! But for only a year, then she'll turn the humanity back on. Uh...guess what sweetie, that pain you're avoiding? It'll still be there after a year. Mommy's not going to magically be back and you'll still be alone in the world except for the few friends you have. Ugh! I just...it's frustrating. And just when it looked like they were going to put her and Stefan together (oh, no...can't have that!) they pull this to tear them apart. *sigh* Yes, IMO if Stefan can't be with Elena, I'm totally for him being with Caroline. They've been such great friends, after all.

I have other complaints, but Nina leaving just proves that the show has reached it's end. Made me realize that it's simply been spinning it's wheels for a while now. Sadly, it's already been renewed for a 7th season. What on earth are they going to do without the Elena character? Pair up Caroline with Stefan and Bonnie with Damon? Sheesh. The show revolved around her character from day one. I simply can't imagine it going on without her.

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