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Uh, what???

William Shatner's a cool dude: Captain Kirk, watches a TON of TV shows & tweets almost non-stop, and is a big supporter of SPN.

But Bill...this is just stupid: William Shatner’s $30 Billion Kickstarter Campaign to Save California

He wants to build a pipeline from Seattle, WA down to CA to help with their drought crisis.
Nevermind that only a couple of days ago WA's governor declared a drought emergency of over half of the state: Governor expands drought declaration to nearly half of Wash.

"We've never experienced a drought like this before – normal rainfall but with very little snow in the mountains," said Department of Ecology Director Maia Bellon.

The current statewide snowpack is only 24% of normal, lower than in 2005 when the last drought was declared in Washington.

The big, metropolitan cities like Seattle and Tacoma are supposed to be okay, but I'm skeptical considering we could have a very warm and dry summer. Our spring has already been overly and unusually dry and warm.

Btw, this isn't the first time CA has wanted to take our water, that we can't afford to give away. People have the mistaken idea that it rains every other day of the year up here. Well it doesn't folks. If you look at statistics, Hawaii gets way more annual rainfall than WA state does.

Anyway, dumb idea, Bill. Dumb, expensive, and I'm pretty sure logistically impossible.

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