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First Impressions: 10x20 "Angel Heart"

Another late one, but at least it's done!
Stuck in some caps, because we've gotta have the pretty, right? ;)


♦ How sad that she keeps re-living the same dream over and over again only to have it all fall apart? For 2 years??? Poor Amelia.
♦ At first I couldn't figure out why Cas couldn't heal or save Amelia, but a friend on Twitter pointed out that Tamiel was slowly eating Amelia's soul, so that must been been enough to make Cas's powers useless.
♦ Amelia just wanted to find Jimmy and get her family back together. I'm so glad Claire could see that when she was finally reunited with her mom.
♦ OMG Amelia stepping in front of Tamiel's attack and saving Claire! Epic! So sad, too! You have to wonder if Amelia knew she was going to die anyway? Though I'm sure that wasn't going through her mind at that exact moment. Poor Claire! Losing both of her parents. :(
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♦ So Amelia finally got to go the real heaven and see Jimmy at last! At least they'll be together now. It's still sad though...Jimmy's tearful face. :(

♦ As usual, Claire's not happy to see Dean...or Cas for that matter. :P
♦ She sure opens up though once Sam convinces her to talk.
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♦ Ooooh. Claire's got a little hunter's info. wall up already. Sam's impressed by it.
♦ Love how Sam shows her the basics of hunting: using an alias, hacking credit card records.
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♦ How sweet that Cas remembered Claire's birthday. "I got it at the Hot Topical." LOL Love that! And Grumpy Cat! Appropriate! *g*
♦ Claire as "bring your daughter to work day" at the crime scene for Ronnie's body. Hee! And her "Best birthday ever." :P
♦ OMG Dean & Claire playing mini golf: BEST. THING. EVER. :D Dean doing the whole Bill Murray from "Caddyshack" bit and Claire not getting it and then his disgust. Dean: "How dare you!" Claire: "Are you done?" Dean: "Yeah, I'm done. Done with your...whole generation." She then fires back with Happy Gilmore. Hee! For the record, I haven't seen either of those movies. I bet Jensen and Kathryn had a blast with this scene, since they're both such great golfers. :P
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♦ I get that Dean wanted to rebuild Claire's opinion of what happened to her dad, but uh...Cas didn't actually save the world! Sam did. I mean...what part of "Swan Song" would have been different if Cas hasn't even have been there? Bobby would have stayed dead and Dean would've had probably needed some major facial reconstruction. I don't know...maybe I'm being too critical again. Cas fans, please don't hate me, okay? He was right about Jimmy not dying in vain though.
♦ Dean gives Claire a small gun. "Happy birthday. Don't shoot me." Hee!
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♦ So they're sending Claire off to Jody's!!!! Yay!!! Sam tells her she can just heal there, it's not permanent.
♦ WTH did Sam give to Claire at the end??? Someone said it was a fake credit card? Would've been nice if we'd actually seen that!
♦ Dean with his own birthday present to Claire..."I feel bad about taking the gun back, so..." He gives her a DVD of "Caddyshack" and a book of Enochian...just what every teenager and hunter-in-training needs. :P
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♦ Haha! Busted!!! You can't sneak stuff past Dean! I love that Dean's so knowledgeable about kids and teenagers and it's only because of Sam. So cute!!! But why did she take the sword? Dean's right, she got her revenge. My theory...she will become a hunter. She's already been sort of acting like one and she knows some of what's out there...angels anyway. Her parents are dead. She's now in the hunter's club as far as I'm concerned. I hope she'll get help from the boys down the road if she needs it.

♦ There is no friggin' way the boys should have gotten a parking spot in front of the hospital like that.
Dean: "Three men and a lady. Let's do this." LOL
♦ Interesting how Dean & Sam give Cas conflicting a very different opinions on what to do with Claire. Dean says let her live on her own, since she's been doing that for a while anyway. Cas is just a reminder to her of what she's lost. On the flip side, Sam says they're family (or close enough) and they should stick together. “Here’s all I know: going it alone, that’s no way to live. You being there for her, even if she thinks she doesn’t want you to be there for her, that’s good for both of you.” It's also interesting how the opinions of the brothers has changed over the years. Before Dean would've been the one preaching family and staying together and Sam would've advised to let Claire do her own thing.
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♦ Ok, for the record, I thought Dean was totally alright in his treatment/interrogation of Ronnie. I think it was wrong of Cas to tell Sam that Dean "snapped". Are you kidding me??? Sam did basically the same thing twice this season already - hit the guy's head against a bar/table. Dean obviously wasn't going to kill Ronnie and he really didn't rough the guy up that much. I really don't blame Dean for being pissed over Sam benching him again. I get that they're worried about the Mark making Dean lose control, but if you're not gonna let him hunt you might as well stick him in the bunker's dungeon.
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♦ Cas's little "No fighting." order to Dean and Claire. So cute and fatherly. LOL
♦ How awesome that Dean figures out the sword thing from Claire dropping the putter in the last hole! "You got all that from a putter?" :P
♦ Ooooh...stealthy Sam in the house with a gun AND an angel sword. Is it just me, or does that angel sword look really tiny in Jared's hands?
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♦ Dammit! Sam got knocked out again! :(
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♦ Now that is one convenient nail in the chair! Love the shot of Tamiel pointing the sword at Sam.
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♦ Jensen's bowlegs...seriously! Ahem...sorry. *notsorry* :P
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♦ The guy playing Ronnie played Dean's neighbor, Sid in 6x01. :)
♦ I'll give Ronnie some credit...he did call 911 for Claire after he knocked her out. He wasn't too bad...just fell in with a bad angel.
♦ Poor Ronnie! Bad enough to kill the dude, but he blinded him again first.
"Sheriff Coltrane" as in Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrone from The Dukes of Hazzard. Woot!!! Loved that show as a kid.
♦ Ok, writers...I want a scene of Sam & Dean playing mini golf!!!! Actually, I played a lot of mini golf as a kid, during vacations across the country. These scenes made me realize how much I miss playing.
♦ Who knew there were bad, soul-sucking angels??? Tamiel is creepy, too.
♦ Cas checks out the other women in the barn, saying that they'll get them help. Uh, what help exactly? Cas can't heal them. If they're as low on the soul-meter as Amelia is and as weak as her what kind of treatment will heal them? Does soul slowly grow back??? I don't think so! Sam's stayed gone for a lot of Season 6 and it didn't come back on it's own.
♦ So Grigori are an awful lot like Djinn but instead of feeding off of human blood, they feed on human souls.
♦ Great fight in the barn! You'd think that Cas would have a leg up on Tamiel, since he's an angel, too and has his mojo back, but...nope. And you think Dean is going all dark due to the Mark and going to strike the killing blow, but it's Claire! Awesome!
♦ Pure gold using that Willie Nelson song for the ending! Beautiful and sad. Castiel: "Someone just tell me she's going to be okay." Love the shot of Claire leaning her head against the window as you see Cas watching her drive away in the background.
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Dean: Hey Cas listen, what you're doing for Claire -- helping her find her mom, it's good-it's a good thing.
Castiel: But?
Dean: Where does it end? I'm not trying to be a dick, but truth is you're not her dad, in fact you're not anything to her except a constant reminder of someone that's gone.

Claire: You always get along with your mom?
Sam: Never got the chance to find out. My mom died when I was a baby.
Claire: I'm-I'm sorry, I didn't-
Sam: Oh no, it's okay. I got to know her later in life. And yeah, I suppose we got along okay.
Claire: What?
Sam: In this line of work, death isn't always goodbye.

Sam: Here we go.
Claire: Seriously, it's that easy.
Sam: Yes. I can also show you how to set-up fake credit cards, it will make life on the road a lot easier.
Claire: You guys are credit card scammers too?
Sam: Yeah, hunting monsters doesn't exactly pay the bills.
Claire: Then why do you do it?
Sam: To help people. Make a difference.
Claire: That's it?
Sam: That's not enough?

Dean: Alright. You know what, if we stay cooped up in this motel room all night I'm gonna lose my mind.
Claire: Spoiler alert, you already have.

Dean: We help people. At least we try to.
Claire: Like Castiel helped my Dad?
Dean: Claire, what happened to your dad, I'm sorry, okay, I really am. But, uh, there's something you gotta know; your dad's sacrifice was not meaningless, okay he gave up his body, his vessel. Because he did that, Cas was able to save the world, the world. Your father's a hero, he did not die in vain.

Castiel: Amelia, I promised to protect your family, and I failed.
Ameila: Not if Claire's alive, that's all that matters.
Castiel: She's grown up to be a very strong-willed young woman.

Sam: Since when do angels feed on humans?
Tamiel: Since the dawn of man.
Sam: What are you talking about?
Tamiel: Your souls are little slices of Heaven, that are, if properly kept, very delicious meals. Can last for years, decades even.
Sam: You're not an angel, you're a monster.

Dean: You know, Claire... You already got your revenge. You go down this path - our path... it's not a long life.
Claire: I don't know. You seem pretty old.
Dean: Thanks.

Claire: Are you gonna be okay?
Dean: Me? I don't know. But I will keep fighting. I'll keep swinging until I got nothing left.

Claire: Will you keep an eye on him? He's been through enough.
Dean: So have you. Claire, do your homework before you do anything stupid, okay? And we're here if you need us, any time.


Alright, I'll admit...going in I didn't think I'd like this episode all that much, but I really did like it a lot! I think I read in someone else's review that the reason why the episode worked is that the Cas and Claire storyline wasn't on it's own. Claire had scenes, important scenes with the brothers and that's why the episode was more enjoyable. Maybe so...it certainly helped.

I'm glad that Claire and Dean got a chance to bond and mend fences. There's no more hurt feelings or anger there anymore. She did the same with Cas, too (that sweet hug at the end!). And the fact that Sam was teaching her about the hunting life! Who would've seen that happening way back in the earlier seasons, huh? Nice to see how Sam has embraced the life so completely and is more than happy to help newbies out. I do hope and expect that we'll see Claire again. I can totally see her becoming a hunter. I mean...what else is she going to do?

I still think Sam and Cas made a whole lot out of nothing over Dean's behavior. To me, Dean was just being Dean. Paranoia much? I think so. That's not to say that Dean's alright. No way. But he's controlling the Mark as best as he can and I think Sam and Cas should give him some credit for that and realize that Dean's not losing his fight with it all the time. A lot of the time he does keep the thing in check.

So what seemed to be just a filler episode so close to the end of the season actually turned out to have a lot of emotions and character development. Definitely a thumbs up from me. ;)

Only 3 left! OMG!!!!!

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