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First Impressions: 10x21 "Dark Dynasty"

Done on time for once. :)
Still including some small caps. Hope you like them.


♦ Sam's not happy with Rowena's lack of progress. She needs a code to break the codex. Cute.
♦ Charlie!!! :D "I could've come to the Death Star." Hee! Notice how Sam can't even look at Charlie when he confesses that he didn't burn the Book. Charlie's not happy about this whole situation: going behind Dean's back, using the Book. Yep, it's bad. Check out Sam pulling the puppy eyes here! You'll see him do that a few times in the ep...works every time.
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♦ Rowena calling Sam "Samuel". :P
♦ Geez, Sam even brought Cas in! Cas is scowling already. Sam: "I can't be here full time to referee." Castiel: "Whoah, whoah, whoah. And I can?" Here's the puppy eyes and pleading again!
Castiel: "Dean doesn't know? Sam, this never ends well."
Charlie: "That's exactly what I said!"
Sam: “We’re up against it. And we’ve all been up against it before and we know there are times when every choice sucks. Us lying to Dean is the choice that sucks the least. We have to make this work. Please!”
Charlie: "Okay, yeah. For Dean."
Sam: "Cas?"
Castiel: "Okay, for Dean."
Sam: "For Dean."
Rowena: "I barely know the man."

♦ Pork rinds? Really Cas??? Ew...
♦ Whoah...Rowena's got Charlie all figured out. Love how Rowena says "The Winchesters". LOL
Charlie: Sam and Dean are like my brothers. I love them.
Rowena: I know. And that steadfast loyalty will be your undoing, my girl.

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Foreshadowing! Eeep.
♦ Poor Charlie complaining to Cas about how Rowena is driving her nuts and she needs some peace and quiet to work.
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♦ Smart move, Cas...putting Rowena in a separate room. But why did you leave Charlie alone??? Although the better question is why did Charlie leave? Being in a different room wasn't quiet enough for her? *sigh*
♦ Oh...so he could learn Crowley is Rowena's son.
♦ See! The dudes think Charlie has the Book and she actually doesn't! Why were they even going after her??? (See more below) Gah!!!! How did this all go terribly wrong???
♦ Smart Charlie, mailing the info to herself so she could destroy the laptop. But DAMN...even Dean wouldn't want her risk her life for him!
♦ Oh, Charlie! There's no way you can fight this guy! :(
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♦ Well, it looks like Crowley is back to his badass ways. He's got his minions running scared and doing his every whim...including looking for his mother.
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♦ I gotta say this whole thing of Crowley talking to Olivette is kinda funny because she's squeaking away and somehow Crowley can understand it! But he gets what he needs...some dirt on his mother...her demon lover. Ooooh.

♦ Heh...Dean thinks Sam's involved with a woman because he's been taking off at odd hours. Sam...you're courting with danger. Dean's big brother radar is scanning you!
♦ Boys in suits! :D Yep, it was a Styne who killed the girl in the opening and jumped out the window.
♦ Really Sam, you need to put your phone on vibrate.
♦ OMG Sam is eating a burger!!! How often does that happen?
♦ Dean says he's having "some dark thoughts, creepy visions, violent urges". Would've been nice if we had seen more of these happening! Sam just repeatedly telling people that Dean's not getting better or he's getting worse doesn't do it for me. I want proof, darn it! One sweaty nightmare is not enough.
♦ Wait...so Eldon Styne was following the boys and they go to the Bunker. Did he try to go in and couldn't figure it out (hard to believe, 'cause seriously, everyone can get in the bunker nowadays). I guess he just waited for Dean go pick up the pizza. Ooops, getting ahead of myself here.
♦ Dude! Sam! Why would you leave your phone unattended when you knew Cas could possibly call you??? Bad move, dude!
♦ Cas is terrible at lying! Yeah, Dean didn't see through that at all. "This call is pointless. My ride is here." WTH??? LOL! Aw, Sam...you're digging yourself deeper into a hole and you don't even know it.
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♦ Uh, oh...Dean's surrounded in an alley. But Dean's always ready with a knife and he gets the upper hand on Eldon.
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♦ Ok, you've got Eldon Styne in your dungeon...why do you only cuff and chain up one arm?
♦ Sam, these phone calls are not helping you!
♦ So the Stynes are body harvesters and use the parts to enhance themselves. Whoah. Turns out they changed their family name out of necessity...they're the Frankensteins!
♦ Eldon does a lot of talking...and he mentions the Book, that it's protected by a spell and can't be destroyed. Uh, oh...The look on Dean's face once he learns the truth.
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♦ Love how Sam hangs up the phone on Cas, turns around and Boom! Older brother right there. Dean's about to ask Sam about the Book when they hear a noise down the hall...
♦ Dude totally tores his arm off! Yikes! You know the VFX Crew was proud of that one because they did a close-up and stayed on it so long. :) Dean: "My God, he ripped it off."
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♦ Oh, here we go...Dean's going to go all big brother interrogator on Sam. Then Cas calls to tell Sam that Charlie's gone. Crap!
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♦ Oh, yeah...Dean's pissed! "Charlie has the damned Book Of The Damned!!!"
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Dean: "So you had the Book, the whole time! Lied right to my face!"
Sam: "I thought it was our only chance to get you free of the Mark, so I grabbed it."
Dean: "I made it real clear how I felt. You ever consider that?"
Sam: "Dean, listen."
Dean: "And then you pulled Cas into it...and Charlie!"
Sam: "Charlie loves you, Dean! We all love you!"

Oh, man! It's the stuff you love to hear for Dean, but you know he doesn't feel worthy of anyone making sacrifices of themselves for him.
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♦ Most agonizing commercial break ever! Just sayin'.
♦ The boys drive up to the motel in the pouring rain and...I wonder if Dean already knew they were too late? He sort of hangs back where Sam goes right through the room to the bathroom. And finds a horrible sight! Charlie's dead!!!! OMG!
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♦ Nothing like a good neck slicing and eyeball digging out to start an episode! *g* Yikes! Do I wanna know what all those other tools are for? Probably not.
♦ This whole scene with the Stynes in Lousiana...blah, blah, blah...the dudes screwed up. Now they've gotta clean up their messes. Just get on with it!
♦ Ok, I don't know why this bugs me, but it does. The angle they used here with the reflection off the back of Dean's laptop is very distracting for me. You can see the map on the table and my eyes go right to it. Bah!
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♦ How on earth are these Styne dudes even tracking everyone??? The first one we saw had that detector device to search out the Book, so that made sense, but these guys aren't tracking the Book. I just don't get it. Did Eli follow Charlie from the hideout where Cas & Rowena are???


Dean: Well, you look like crap on toast.
Sam: I just haven't really been sleeping well.
Dean: Is there a women you haven't mentioned?
Sam: A woman?
Dean: Well, I'm just saying you weren't here when I went ot bed last night, you been running off on your own a lot these past couple of weeks.
Sam: I do that.
Dean: You actually don't.
Sam: Dean, we don't always do the exact same thing at the exact same time. Remember when you went off and snuffed that vampire nest by yourself?

Dean: Well, there's pretty much what we do know, that they screwed with financial markets, they helped Hitler get started, along with god knows what else -- probably disco. But you go back to the 1800s, and the trail goes dead. There's nothing in the research, there's nothing online. It's like the family just popped up one day.

Rowena: I thought I was clear, Samuel. I requested more time, not an assistant.
Sam: And I thought I was clear, Rowena. Charlie is not your assistant. You're hers.

Rowena: Hell's bells. More distractions? What are you? Witch or nerd?
Castiel: Angel.
Rowena: Beg pardon?

Sam: “We’re up against it. And we’ve all been up against it before and we know there are times when every choice sucks. Us lying to Dean is the choice that sucks the least.”

Crowley: Just for once, I wish you trolls would bring me some good news. "Sire, Missouri has boils." Something cheerful.

Charlie: I actually don't see our similarities all that much.
Rowena: Because you're young and good and I'm ancient and evil? Is that it? What? Let me tell you about you -- a difficult and lonely childhood. Tragedy, absent parents. Always outside the mainstream. Sexually progressive. Living in your own head for solace and direction. Yeah, but still, we are pretty different. I read you the minute I saw you. And I'm sure you're learning that the line between good and evil is quite flexible. But we part company when it comes to blind devotion. Case in point -- the Winchesters. You've made them the family you don't have. Foolish.
Charlie: Sam and Dean are like my brothers. I love them.
Rowena: I know. And that steadfast loyalty will be your undoing, my girl.

Sam: Uh, what about you? How you doing?
Dean: Oh, you mean the thing? Yeah. Yeah. You know, some dark thoughts, creepy visions, violent urges. Same old same old. I'm happy I got a murder to focus on, though.

Charlie: “Dean is my buddy and I cannot screw this up, but my mind is a wad of gummy worms.”

Dean: Cas?
Castiel: Sam.
Dean: No, it's Dean. What's up?
Castiel: Nothing. I'm just, uh... Just staying in touch. Like I do.
Dean: Something on your mind?
Castiel: No. This call is pointless. My ride's here.

Dean: Charlie has the damn Book of the Damned?!
Charlie: No, I don't have it. I just -- I I just -- I have my notes.
Sam: Then give them your notes, Charlie! Give them the code -- whatever they want!
Dean: Charlie, I don't know what the hell is going on, but you need to listen to me. Give whoever that is whatever they want. You understand? Charlie?!
Charlie: I can't do that, Dean.


I really had no idea how this episode was going to go. It was very intense and definitely building up to the end of the season. My worse fears came true though...Charlie's gone. :( She was one of my favorite characters and I'm so sad to see her killed off. This is as painful to me as Kevin's death and I'm still not over that! [Spoiler (click to open)]I was holding out hope that Cas could resurrect Charlie, but the promo for next week put that idea to rest.

Um, what else? Well, Dean finally learned that Sam's been lying to him. I knew this wouldn't work! Geez, Sam! Though Dean doesn't know about Rowena yet. Sam better spill it all now. If he doesn't it'll only make things worse than they already are. I fear that Charlie's death is not only going to set Dean off because of the Mark, but it will also drive a wedge between the brothers, which has been nicely absent this season for once. I'm afraid that Dean will not forgive Sam for putting Charlie in such danger. He's certainly not going to trust Sam the same way he did before. OMG This can only end badly! Everything's falling apart and it can only spell doom for our boys.

Others have pointed out that Charlie's death mirrors Kevin's. When Dean lied Kevin died and now Sam has lied and Charlie is dead. Don't you boys ever learn??? Really, Sam is copying what Dean did in Season 9, that he was so upset with Dean about. Risking it all to save his brother, keeping lies, putting others in danger...it's the Winchester way, isn't it? *sigh*

Despite them killing off a beloved character, I stated on Twitter that I'm sure the writers did it for a reason and that I trust them. I wanna believe that she didn't die in vain. Sam will find that email she sent off with the answer to the Codex and they'll make some progress with the Book. But will it all be in time to save Dean?

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