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SPN 10x22 Promo (& Ext. Promo) Caps

I know, I probably should have waited to cap the extended promo they'll no doubt post in another day or so, but I simply couldn't help myself. Yep, well here are the Ext. Promo ones, too. *g* Usually, I only cap promos that have too many quick cuts, but that's not the case with this one. Hopefully someone will want to see or take these caps anyway.

I am very excited about the last two episodes of the season. How about you? :)


Note: Keep in mind that these caps aren't the best because they came from a youtube video. Some pixelation may be visible.

:: Cap Size: 1080 x 607 :: No hotlinking, please! :: Credit me, raloria when taking/using/re-posting :: Comments are LOVE! ♥

// Click on the thumbnails for the full sized caps. //

SPN10x22Promo_001 SPN10x22Promo_002 SPN10x22Promo_003 SPN10x22Promo_004 SPN10x22Promo_005 SPN10x22Promo_006 SPN10x22Promo_007 SPN10x22Promo_008 SPN10x22Promo_009 SPN10x22Promo_010 SPN10x22Promo_011 SPN10x22Promo_012 SPN10x22Promo_013 SPN10x22Promo_014 SPN10x22Promo_015 SPN10x22Promo_016 SPN10x22Promo_017 SPN10x22Promo_018 SPN10x22Promo_019 SPN10x22Promo_020 SPN10x22Promo_021 SPN10x22Promo_022 

*NEW!* Extended Promo Caps

SPN10x22ExtPromoCaps_001 SPN10x22ExtPromoCaps_002 SPN10x22ExtPromoCaps_003 SPN10x22ExtPromoCaps_004 SPN10x22ExtPromoCaps_005 SPN10x22ExtPromoCaps_006 SPN10x22ExtPromoCaps_007 SPN10x22ExtPromoCaps_008 SPN10x22ExtPromoCaps_009 SPN10x22ExtPromoCaps_010 SPN10x22ExtPromoCaps_011 SPN10x22ExtPromoCaps_012 SPN10x22ExtPromoCaps_013 SPN10x22ExtPromoCaps_014 SPN10x22ExtPromoCaps_015 SPN10x22ExtPromoCaps_016 SPN10x22ExtPromoCaps_017 SPN10x22ExtPromoCaps_018 SPN10x22ExtPromoCaps_019 SPN10x22ExtPromoCaps_020 SPN10x22ExtPromoCaps_021 

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