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Help! I've got a capping question.

Last year I decided to change the way I've been capping SPN episodes, breaking it down into 2 different kinds of cappings:

Full Episode Caps: The entire episode is capped, with hardly any moment on screen missing.
Episode Highlight Caps: Just the highlights of the episode are capped (key moments, beautiful shots, etc.)

The goal is to eventually have every single episode capped both ways, so there will be a full set (probably numbering close to 1,000 caps per episode) and the Highlight set (numbering from 100 to 200 caps per episode).

Obviously, this is going to take some time, since I've never fully capped all the episodes yet. But I'm determined to make this a reality!

Anyway, a question has come up in regards to the Highlight Caps. I seem to do them differently from season to season, and sometimes episode to episode. Mostly I concentrate on capping the boys (of course), but sometimes I throw in caps of the secondary characters as well (Crowley, Castiel, Charlie, Jody, Bobby, etc.).

My question is this: Should I also be including Highlight Caps of the lesser characters and the monster/big baddie of the episodes?

For instance...since the Stynes were introduced this season, I find I really haven't been getting many caps of them, or only if the boys were also in the shot. Should I have included some caps of them?

Please let me know what you think. :)

Tags: adventures in screencapping, help, supernatural
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