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First Impressions: 10x22 "The Prisoner"

Phew! Done just in time.
I'm still putting in some caps. Do you all like the caps?


♦ The whole burial pyre scene is so beautiful and sad: gorgeous song choice, with flashbacks of Charlie's scenes with the boys, and them chopping & stacking the wood. It was heartbreaking how Dean carried Charlie's body and put it on the pyre, then rested his arm across her with his head hung low.
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♦ Dean saying Sam should be on the pyre? Totally the Mark talking. He's not fighting it anymore and he's decidedly cold and indifferent compared to before. But it's also because Sam lied to him. Dean does NOT handle being lied to well.
♦ But Sam...his quivering voice as he tries to explain to Dean why he did what he did and how he'll never forgive himself for Charlie. Wow. Great job by Jared.
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♦ The punks that harass Cyrus Styne must be new in town or something because as thick as the family is in the community you'd think they'd know better than to pick on him. And where's the southern accents? This is Louisiana after all.
♦ The whole suffocation by plastic bag is creepy and scary at the same time.
♦ Now how does Eldon even know where the Bunker is? You'd think the boys would've been smart enough to blindfold him when they took him there in the last ep.
♦ Poor Cyrus...the poor kid really is the black sheep of the family. Even though this kid picked on him, Cyrus doesn't want to cut him up for body parts.
♦ Really love the creepy choral music for the Stynes in this ep. Speaks of their origins and just hikes up their evilness!
♦ Damn. The Styne boys breaking into the bunker, especially them destroying the library and just piling up Dean's possessions to burn them really bothered me. Not just because they violated the home of the boys and were going to burn books (gah!) but because it hit real close to home for me. I've been robbed repeatedly lately and this scene was very hard to watch. :(
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♦ OMG When Sam tells Cas that Charlie's dead. :( Poor Cas. He blames himself for not going after her but then it seems to me that Sam never told Cas that the Stynes were even tracking her.
♦ Smart Sam! Putting a tracker on the Impala so they can follow Dean. And of course, Charlie's email comes in with the answer they've been waiting for. Now Sam can't shut things down. Uh oh.... But he's got to do this for his brother. "I owe him this. I owe him everything." *draws hearts all over Sam & his love for Dean* :)
♦ Of course Rowena is going to be difficult now and demand that Sam kill Crowley before she decodes anything in the Book of The Damned.
♦ Riiiiiight. If the hex bag/demon trap combo didn't work, how does Rowena expect Sam to kill Crowley now?
♦ Cas has found all the dead bodies at the Styne estate and tells Sam. Dean is headed home.

♦ Why is Crowley hanging out in some random diner? And chatting so nicely with the cook/waiter? And he's eating pie...Dean's influence?
♦ Clever Sam with the fake phone call from Dean.
♦ Crowley's sing-songy calling out for Dean was kinda cute.
♦ Nice to see the devil's trap bullets being used again! And the demon killing knife! Woot!
♦ Yeah, Sam's wanted Crowley dead for a long time, even last season. He's never been buddy-buddy with the King of Hell like Dean has. And Sam's right...Dean getting the MOC is pretty much Crowley's fault...not to mention killing Sarah, Meg, torturing poor Kevin, the list goes on.
♦ Whoah....we FINALLY get to see Crowley's red eyes!!! Cool!!!! I guess badass, killing Crowley is back. This might come back to haunt Sam in the future.
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♦ So did he spare Sam because of Dean maybe? Guess we'll have to wait and see what happens when he meets up with the elder Winchester. Or maybe he's still got a soft spot for Moose? Or maybe he wants to keep the Winchesters alive for his own evil purposes? Anyway, Sam lucked out here. Killing Crowley is not such an easy thing, even with witchcraft.
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♦ Man, this town is NOT friendly thanks to the Stynes. Oh, and you do NOT hurt Baby like that! Grrrr!
♦ Did anyone else notice that the Impala was a little dirty? Going back to that old thing about the car being dirty when Dean is under duress.
♦ Holy cow! This scene in the sheriff's office is outstanding! Dean's cold, calm demeanor and his statement that he'll get out of the cuffs in about 30 seconds...and then he does it! Just...woah. That should not have been as hot and exciting as it was.
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Then he attacks the sheriff, but I love how we see him just waiting inside the room as the sheriff's got his back turned...very serial killer mode! Now despite what he does to the Stynes in this ep, my impression is that Dean does not kill anyone in the sheriff's office. After all, they didn't have anything to do with Charlie's death. But I'd also like to believe that there is still some of Dean's humanity at work.
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♦ Dean entering the Styne compound...damn. He just coldly kills everyone. Love the silencer on the gun, btw. There's the plastic bag thing again. Wonder if Jensen was nervous about that? I know I would be. Yikes.
♦ Mmmm...Dean waking up strapped down on an operating table. HOT! Another amazing scene where Dean attacks and kills so swiftly and ferociously. *guh* Him chocking and snapping Monroe's neck was all kinds of dangerous and hot, as well.
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♦ Dean's entrance shot at the bunker....ooooh! Nice low camera angle and Dean all bloody.
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♦ I knew Dean would kill Cyrus, he was a Styne after all and he was out to kill all them no matter what. And with the MOC controlling his actions and words, him killing a seemingly innocent boy didn't surprise me.
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♦ Cas shows up just a little too late. Dean: "I took down a monster, because that's what I do. And I will continue to do that until..." Castiel: "Until you become the monster."
♦ Oh, man. I knew this wasn't going to end well for Cas. Dean beating him up is brutal. It does mirror the beat-down Cas gave Dean in "Goodbye Stranger". Cas doesn't fight back, doesn't even try to defend himself too much. :(
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And then the family theme starts playing and it gets SO SAD! OMG And pretty soon Dean has the angel blade and he's about to kill Cas! o.O But he doesn't. Phew! That was close!
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♦ Recycled Impala shot from "Changing Channels."!


Sam: Charlie, we’re gonna miss you. You were the best. And I’m so sorry.
Dean: Shut up. You got her killed, you don’t get to apologize.
Sam: We were trying to help you.
Dean: I didn't need help. I told you to leave it alone.
Sam: What was I supposed to do? Just watch you die?
Dean: The Mark isn't gonna kill me.
Sam: Maybe not, but... when it's done with you, you won't be you anymore. Dean you're all I've got, so of course I was gonna fight for you, because that's what we do. Listen I had a shot.
Dean: Yeah you had a shot. Charlie's dead, nice shot.
Sam: You think I... you think I'm ever going to forgive myself for that?
Dean: You wanna know what I think? I think it should be you up there and not her. This thing with Cas and the book ends now. Shut it down before somebody else gets hurt, you understand me?
Sam: What about you?
Dean: Oh, I’m gonna find whoever did this. And I’m gonna rip apart everything and everyone that they ever loved. And then I’m gonna tear out their heart.
Sam: Is that you talking or the Mark?
Dean: Does it matter?

Castiel: Stop looking at me.
Rowena: I'm sorry, you're just fascinating, an angel that rejected Heaven. That's like a fish that wants to fly or a dog that thinks it's people.
Castiel: Well, I'm a lot like people.
Rowena: Keep telling yourself that dear.

Castiel: What about her?
Sam: Guess.
Castiel: I'd be happy to kill her, she just called me a fish.

Sam: Cas, go find Dean. Make sure he doesn't go too far off the reservation, okay?
Castiel: What are you doing?
Sam: I'm saving my brother.
Castiel: You told Dean-
Sam: I know what I told Dean. Cass, look, I've been the one out there messed up and scared and alone.
Castiel: And Dean --he did whatever he could to save you.
Sam: Yes. I mean, it's become his thing. I owe him this. I owe him everything. Look, I know he pretends that he can ride the Mark out, but you and I know the truth. You know what happens if we don't cure him. We both know where that road ends.
Castiel: Black eyes and blood.
Sam: Yes. Go. Find him, Cas. Keep him safe.

Sheriff: You can't take on the Styne's. They own this town, they're practically gods around here.
Dean: Yeah, well I kill gods.

Crowley: Thought you were the smart one, working with my mother, you insane? You actually trust her?
Sam: Of course not. Not even a little.
Crowley: Then why? What has she got over you?
Sam: Would you just die already?
Crowley: That's what I get.
Sam: What?
Crowley: I said, that's what I get for trying to be the good guy.
Sam: Wait a second, so you're the good guy?
Crowley: Do you have any idea what I've been at this past year? The changes I've made to Hell.
Sam: Am I supposed to be impressed by that?
Crowley: Yes! I thought if I did better, I might actually feel something again. That it might matter.
Sam: It doesn't matter. You know maybe everybody else has forgot about the bad you've done, but I haven't. I have watched you kill people Crowley, innocent people, people I cared about, people I loved. So yeah, you have got the accent and the suit and the snark, but at the end of it, you are a monster just like all the rest of them. And I'm going to watch you die screaming just like all the rest of them.
Crowley: You're right I am a monster, and I've done bad, I've done things you can't even imagine. Horrible, evil, messy things. And I've loved every damn minute. So thank you Sam, for reminding me who I really am.
[Crowley throws Sam through a window.]
Crowley [looking at the hex bag]: Powerful magic. Might've worked on any other demon, but on me? Please. I could kill you. Snap my fingers, easiest thing in the world. From here on, I want you to know that the only reason you’re alive is because I allowed it.

Dean: The Mark on my arm means that I can't die, I'm not bargaining. You flat line me, I will come back, but I'll come back with black eyes and then you all die.
Eli: We let you go and then what? You just mosey on down the road.
Dean: No, but I will be human. So maybe a few of you live. Maybe.

Eldon: So this is what I know about Dean Winchester. He's got crappy taste in music, got a hot mom, and he loves flannel. All right, let's light her up.

Eldon: See you got lucky before, this time I'm sporting some new upgrades. You see my old man-
Dean: Your old man's dead... They're all dead. So you can save me the speech on the three hearts, the two spleens, the seven nipples for the ladies, or the fellas; I don't judge. But even with all that, you still only have one brain.
Eldon: So?
[Dean shoots him in the head]

Castiel: Maybe you could fight the mark for years, maybe centuries like Cain did. But you cannot fight it forever, and when you finally turn, and you will turn. Sam and everyone know, everyone you love they could all be long dead. Everyone except me. I'm the who'll have to watch you murder the world, so if there is even a small chance that we can save you I won't let you walk out of this room.
Dean: Oh you think you have a choice?
Castiel: I think the Mark is changing you.
Dean: You're wrong.
Castiel: Am I? Because the Dean Winchester I know would never have murdered that kid.
Dean: Yeah well, that Dean's always been kind of a dick.
Castiel: Dean I don't want to have to hurt you.
Dean: I don't think that's going to be a problem.
[Dean beats the hell out of Cas]
Castiel: Dean stop. Please.
Dean: You and Sam stay the hell away from me. Next time I won't miss.


Just when you think the episodes can't get more intense....o.O
Yeah, I really liked this one. :) Badass and evil Dean, worried and sad Sam, conniving Rowena, loyal Cas, and sneaky Crowley. Awesome acting by everyone in this, btw. I love this show! :D

Dean is one lean, mean killing machine right now which is equal parts hot and scary as hell. He tells Cas the Mark isn't changing him, but it's obviously directing his actions because he's no longer fighting it. It's like he's already one step away from being a demon again and he no longer cares.

And Sam, dear Sam. He's trying so hard to save his brother, as he has all season long. And I love him for that, but the way he's going about it is just too dangerous. Lying, risking people's lives, working with the likes of Rowena...it's all heading towards something truly terrible.

Pretty sure we haven't seen the last of the Stynes. Dean only killed the ones in Shreveport and Eldon told the boys in "Dark Dynasty" that "The family is vast -- spread over the world." Plus the show wouldn't set up something like this and just let it go. Pretty sure we'll see them again in Season 11. I just hope show doesn't try to use this family for the spinoff idea. Bleh.

Alright! Bring on the season finale! Got your kleenex handy everyone? 'Cause this can only end in tears.

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