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VanCon 2015: Frustration

There's been all sorts of news from Creation Entertainment lately...adding guests, adding cons (Nashville was added today for next year).

Meanwhile, VanCon, which is now 80 days away has sat in a veritable black hole for months!
The guests so far: (The Set Seven) Jensen, Jared, Misha, Mark, Matt, Rob, & Richard. Then we have Osric Chau, Tyler Johnston, and Theo Davaney, bringing the guest total to 10.

Out of curiosity, I made of tally of how many guests are currently listed for all of Creation's SPN Cons for the rest of this year and next.

Wash DC July 24-26 = 15 guests
Minn, MN Aug 21-23 = 12 guests
Vancouver, BC Aug 28-30 = 10 guests
Dallas, TX Sep 11-13 = 11 guests
Secaucus, NJ Sep 25-27 = 13 guests
Toronto, ON Oct 9-11 = 10 guests
Chicago, IL Oct 23-25 = 11 guests
Denver, CO Nov 6-8 = 12 guests
Pasadena, CA Nov 13-15 = 11 guests

Jacksonville, FL Jan 15-17 = 10 guests
Houston, TX Feb 12-14 = 10 guests
Nashville, TN Feb 26-28 = 9 guests
Las Vegas, NV Mar 10-13 = 12 guests
Seattle, WA Mar Mar 18-20 = 7 guests
Phoenix, AZ Jun 10-12 = 10 guests
San Francisco, CA Dec 2-4 = 8 guests

For the 3rd up-coming con, 10 guests is pretty sad. Granted, the con the weekend before in Minneapolis only has 12, but I'd even be happy with 12 at this point. The next con with only 10 guests is TorCon, but it's in October! I'm not the only one upset about this. On Facebook, there are a lot of disgruntled fans, complaining and trying to figure out why Creation is dragging their feet on this con. Many are saying they won't be re-upping for next year if more guests aren't announced soon. After all, we were told this VanCon was going to be huge...a big deal for the show's 10th anniversary and it was moved to a bigger venue, the Vancouver Convention Centre. So here we are, paying a ton of money (VanCon is always one of the most expensive cons) and we've only got 10 guests so far.

I'm happy Osric's going to be there, especially since he didn't make it to SeaCon in March. The other two: Tyler and Theo are new to me, but I must admit while I'm sure they'll have things to talk about (especially Tyler) I'm hoping we'll get guests with more time on the show. After all, Theo was only in one ep and I'm not a big fan of 1 episode actors being at cons. They rarely are entertaining and usually are searching for ways to interact with the audience. It can be quite awkward for everyone. However, last year Creation wisely put 3 actors who had little time on SPN together in one panel and it was a huge hit. So maybe they're learning.

I really wish they would invite some of the newer actors like Travis Aaron Wade, Ruth Connell, Kathryn Newton, Timothy Omundson, & Curtis Armstrong. Though I'd be equally happy to get some of my favorites like Kim Rhodes, Gil McKinney, Lauren Tom, & Sebastian Roche. As for new guests, I'd like to see: Briana Buckmaster, Erica Carroll, & Rick Worthy. I know a lot of people are hoping we'll get Jeffrey Dean Morgan for VanCon, but I feel that's unlikely...even though I'd also love to meet him.

A lot of fans, myself included, are also hoping there will be another Production Panel like there was last year at VanCon. Let's get Jim Michaels, Russ Hamilton, & Kevin Parks again, and how about adding in Serge Ladouceur & Ryan Curtis into the mix?

Anyway, it's very frustrating watching announcements come from Creation and not one of them is for VanCon. I checked my posts about last year's VanCon and they were booking guests in January, February, March, April, July, and August. Theo was the last guest added to this year's VanCon and that was back on March 2nd. Three months of nothing from Creation. *sigh*

Thanks for reading all my ranting. I know Creation will add more guests (after all there's only 2 guests for Friday!) but I wish they'd throw the fans a bone of some kind and let us know that they're at least working on inviting more people soon!

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