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Help! for SPN_Locations!

I posted this over at spn_locations the other day and haven't gotten any offers, so I thought I'd try on my own journal as well.

I'm well into my work on updating the site for VanCon at the end of August and gathering locations from Season 10. At the same time, I'm trying to work in some of the overhauling I want to do with the Locations List...namely splitting it into 2 different kinds of lists: one for information and one for actual location hunting.

At the moment, I could use some help with some of this overhauling. I'm trying to put together lists of locations based on areas in and around Vancouver (much like my Google Maps).

Requirements for the volunteers:

* Be able to use Google Drive & Google Docs.
* Have some knowledge of very basic HTML (nothing beyond what you'd see in use here on LJ).
* Time.
* Copying & pasting skills of HTML code.

That's really it. It's a fairly easy job, just time-consuming.
If you'd like to help out, feel free to leave a comment to this post or you can also message me on LJ.

Tags: help, my lj comm
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