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VanCon 2015: Still Waiting

Only 35 days until VanCon and I'm still waiting for new guests to be added. *sigh*

I updated my guest count doc and note that the con w/the most guests is DCCon, currently going on this weekend with 15. I remember in past years when VanCon had up to 16 guests! Getting the feeling we're not even going to get close to that number this year, which was supposed to be the big deal, moved into the huge convention centre, the big 10th anniversary year for SPN. Where are those promises now, Creation???

I think what baffles me is that potential guests keep saying Creation hasn't even asked them about VanCon. Jim Michaels, Jim Beaver, even Briana Buckmaster have said on Twitter that there's been no invitations from Creation. WTH??? Where's our Production Panel like last year? Where's the other female guests (so far we've only got Ruth Connell)? I'm sorry, but 12 guests is not enough, especially when you consider that the core 7 guys are always there: Jensen, Jared, Misha, Mark, Matt, Richard, & Rob.

Creation SPN Con Guest Counts as of (July 25, 2015)

Wash DC July 24-26 = 15 guests
Minn, MN Aug 21-23 = 12 guests
Vancouver, BC Aug 28-30 = 12 guests
Dallas, TX Sep 11-13 = 13 guests
Secaucus, NJ Sep 25-27 = 13 guests
Toronto, ON Oct 9-11 = 11 guests
Chicago, IL Oct 23-25 = 13 guests
Denver, CO Nov 6-8 = 12 guests
Pasadena, CA Nov 13-15 = 13 guests

Jacksonville, FL Jan 15-17 = 12 guests
Houston, TX Feb 12-14 = 12 guests
Nashville, TN Feb 26-28 = 13 guests
Las Vegas, NV Mar 10-13 = 14 guests
Seattle, WA Mar Mar 18-20 = 12 guests
Phoenix, AZ Jun 10-12 = 12 guests
San Francisco, CA Dec 2-4 = 8 guests

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