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Where the hell???

What can stop me from working on updating the SPN Locations List quicker than anything else?

A location that I cannot find! Gah!!!

Btw, this location is from Season 1's "Route 666".
Mind you, I thought I knew where this spot was...everything said it was on the Riverview grounds in Coquitlam. But where? Because it doesn't look anything like Riverview to me. So I looked at it on Google Maps, did the whole street view thing on certain roads. Nothing looked right. Then I checked it out on Bing Maps as well, same thing.

I've looked at the stills from the episode and the behind the scenes pics...this is clearly a curvy, narrow road with trees all along it. From the stills there's a field sloping down on one side and a clear hill rising up on the other. Nothing on the Riverview grounds matches this!

So I even expanded my view outside of Riverview. I checked out Burnaby park, QE Park, Stanley Park, an area north of Langley, and some parks and areas I can't recall the names of...nothing seems to match. *sigh*

So here are the caps I have and I guess I'm posting this just to show I'm no miracle-worker of finding locations. A lot of them elude me despite all my detective work.

 photo 1x13Rt666_007.png

 photo 1x13Rt666_008.png

 photo 1x13Rt666_009.png

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