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SPN_Locations News: Season 10 Done! For VanCon 2015!!!

Sharing this from spn_locations because I'm lazy exhausted. YES!!!! I'm DONE!!!!!! *insert happy dancing here*

Originally posted by raloria at Update News: Season 10 Done! For VanCon 2015!!!

Well, it's not the big update I was hoping for, but Season 10 is finally finished!!! \0/

Here's what is new/updated:

* Season 10 - Part 1
* Season 10 - Part 2
* PDF's for both parts of Season 10
* Re-activated the download links of the PDFs for all seasons
* Updated all the Google Maps with Season 9 & 10 locations

As always, you can find the full list of information & links in the Master Post.

Ok, I'm going to collapse for a bit and then finish packing for VanCon. *g*

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