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VanCon 2015: I am here!

Well, the day had a lot of problems...late start and then there was trouble at the border that I won't go into (yikes!), and we checked into the hotel after 6 p.m. o.O

By the time I got all the stuff up to the room, rested, and ate some supper it was already after 8:00. I debated about going to registration....soooo very tired. But I did go. It's a 6 or 7 block walk to the Convention Center, but it's in a much better part of town than I'm used to walking in this city. :P Lots of high end shops and outdoor cafes. It was nice to walk down to the water, even at night - so pretty. :)

Got registered, met up with some old friends: missyjack (who was the first to greet me w/a big hug!), bardicvoice, and @farawayeyes4 from Twitter, and made some new friends as well. Always nice to catch up with the SPN Family. :)

Edit: Duh...totally forgot I got to hang out w/Ryan Curtis for a few minutes. He might not be working with SPN anymore but he's still totally a part of the family! :D

Still trying to figure out what photo-ops and autos I'm going to buy. Decisions, decisions....
Meanwhile, the price for re-upping next year? HOLY COW! $769 for Gold (and that will go up after this weekend). They're also moving the con, yet again, back to a hotel (but sadly not the Sheraton Wall Center - boo) the Westin Bayshore. For the first time I'm considering not coming back. So much expense and we're getting less and less. I just don't know. :(

Ok, I've got posts to make and a bed to get some sleep in. Later, folks.

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