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VanCon 2015: Friday is over

Just got home from karaoke about half an hour ago and my feet are screaming at me from all the standing I did this evening. Ow.

Totally worth it though. Saw panels with Gil *swoons*, Osric, Tyler, and Erica. Osric did NOT cosplay, but he had a good reason. Got a photo-op with Erica and while she wanted to do something silly, that's just not me. Ah, well. Got autos from Erica (who they didn't even have pics of - wth? So I had her sign the back of the ticket, Osric (we talked ghost Kevin return), Tyler (along w/ that uncomfortable head brace, the stage blood was all over his hair and disgusting - had another role w/blood in his mouth and they did take after take), and Gil (who remembered me yet AGAIN from SeaCon in March - even remembered us passing one another on the street there!). That man has a good memory! :D

And at karaoke Brianna showed up!!! She rocked withus the whole night. It was awesome! Gil called us the best karaoke crowd EVER! \0/ I shot a bunch of videos. But now...I must sleep and "lay my weary head to rest" for tomorrow...er today's festivities. Whoo! Day one is done.

Sorry about not posting any pics and I can't tweet at the convention center at all (boo!). And there understandably won't be a Just 'Cause post today either. Later,folks!

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