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VanCon 2015: Saturday & Sunday

A quick overview of the last 2 days of the con...


We had panels with Ruth, Theo, Osric & Gil, Mark, Rich/Matt/Rob, & Misha.
All were wonderful with the Rich/Matt/Rob one being the most hilarious and including a visit from the SDCC Hampster! Ruth was simply adorable with her hotel-grab-bag goodies that she gave out to the fans asking questions. Theo (who was a surprise at karaoke w/his singing & dancing) was charming. Osric & Gil are turning out to be quite a panel pair. This is the 2nd joint panel I've seen of them and they were both entertaining. Mark, as always, excelled at not answering questions. Though to be fair, he got some stupid ones. But one thing Mark gets is his understanding of fandom and the actors and how special this relationship is. I love whenever he talks about it. He simply "gets us". :) It was so good to see Misha healed up after his mugging last weekend! He was in very good spirits and answered questions as only he can. *g*

Got autographs with Mark (didn't have time to say anything to him as he was signing very quickly), Theo (we talked about Karaoke night & them singing "Valerie" *g*), Misha (I told him how happy I was that he was doing better now), and Ruth (She also mentioned them doing the song "Valerie" at Karaoke - pretty sure I was the only one there w/that name).

Got my photo-op with Gil. He again remembered me, which is pretty awesome. :)

And of course the highlight of the night and weekend was the Saturday Night Special which featured Jensen singing "Simple Man". OMG I've been waiting to hear Jensen sing in person for so very long! He came out on stage and the crowd erupted and I just smiled the entire time he was up there! It was amazing! I've got video of it (and a lot of Karaoke & Sat. Night Special, so stay tuned over the next week or so).


We began with the J2 Gold Panel and of course the Boys were late. *sigh* They ended up being late to everything throughout the day. The Gold Panel was very nice and intimate and we got some nice discussion from the boys about their families, which I always appreciate.

Then the photo-ops began. All my ticket numbers were high so I had a lot of waiting to do each time. Didn't help that I only got barely 3 hours sleep the night before. I was very sleepy all of Sunday. Anyway, I don't remember much of my Jensen photo-op. In fact, afterwards I felt like "What happened?". LOL I remember walking up to him and him smiling and saying "Nice to see you again." Which makes me wonder if he remembered me from SeaCon in March. Then he asked if I was having a nice time and I said yes, I was and we hugged for the photo. At least he didn't hesitate in hugging me as he's done in the past. That was nice. :) Then I looked up into that gorgeous face again and thanked him. *dreamy eyes*

Next was the J2 photo-op and this was my favorite, I think. I walked up to the boys, told them I wanted a sandwich and Jared smiled and said "Yeah!". I hugged Jensen and felt Jared hug me from behind, squish!, and we were done. I got to look at Jensen again and thank him and as I did he rubbed the back of my left shoulder! It was heavenly and so loving-feeling. *swoons* Yeah, I was on cloud nine for a while after that. :)

Jared's photo was wonderful and I expected nothing less. I walked up and he said "Hop on in here, sweetheart." Hee! So I did, into his lovely arms. I do love Jared's hugs. There's something very special about them. He's just so darned sweet!

After that it was time for the panel with the Boys, but they were late, so we ended up waiting quite a while, which off-set all the photo-ops after that. Oh! But first there was the SPNFanMovie.com sneak peek! OMG What an incredible piece of work this series is going to be. First they had a little panel w/the Kosterman brothers & Jason Fischer. They talked about how the cast got involved in this documentary that was originally going to be only about the fandom. Apparently the Boys were a little hesitant but then they totally got on board and everyone else followed. They said when Jensen was interviewed he cried! Awwwww! Then they showed the trailer and so many of us, myself included, were in tears at the end. To know that someone is making a film about this show and this fandom to tell our story and why this relationship between the cast and crew and the fans is so very special and unique...it's...hard to describe. I can't wait to watch the trailer again...and the series when it's completed.

After several songs by Rob and the band we finally got to see the Boys again. What a great panel they had! One of the best I can remember. Great questions and no really stupid or embarrassing ones and Jensen was just breaking up laughing at one thing or another. It was great to see. And of course we had the boys doing what they do to make us all warm & fuzzy inside: talking over memories, shoulder-touches, joking with one another. We didn't get a hug, which IS unusual, but you know what, in a way we didn't miss it either, because you could already feel and see the chemistry between these two guys. They're just the best of friends and spend so much time together that they're nearly one entity of wonderfulness.

After the panel there was a big chunk of time for me to have something to eat. Came back and Ruth's panel had begun. She's so adorable! She gave out more hotel goodies and even disrupted Misha's autos. Great fun!

Again, we had to wait for the Boys to arrive to begin autos. They swapped them on either side of the stage this time, with Jared on the right and Jensen on the left. I had them sign a photo I took of them during their VanCon 2013 panel - a good con for my photos. Jared asked about when it was and when I told him he went "Really???". Yep, time flies even for cons. When I got Jensen's autograph I told him that his singing the other night was magical and how long I'd been waiting for him to sing at a con and thanked him for making it happen.

That's pretty much it. I was so sad when it was all over. I love Sunday, but when it's through it means the con's over as well and along with it all the fun and escape from real life. Three days pass by so quickly. Thanks for letting me ramble on. I need to remember this stuff somehow. ;)

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