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SPN Season 11 Promo "The Family Business" & Caps

You knew this was coming, right? ;)
Of course I had to cap the new SPN Season 11 Promo. ARE YOU EXCITED YET???? OMG!!!!!


Note: Keep in mind that these caps aren't the best because they came from a youtube video. Some pixelation may be visible.

:: Cap Size: 1280 x 720 :: No hotlinking, please! :: Credit me, raloria when taking/using/re-posting :: Comments are LOVE! ♥

Download Full Set of Caps (84 Total):
SPN Season 11 Promo Caps by Raloria.zip (31.35MB)

Or select from any of the 84 caps below:

// Click on the thumbnails for the full sized caps. //


A few thoughts:

:: Great version of "O, Death". Oooooh....
:: Dean coming to in the back seat of the Impala, nearly all the windows busted out, Sam nowhere in sight, and Dean's bleeding! Note the bloody passenger window...you'll see it again in a moment.
:: Creepy Sam close-up, and screaming head-in-torture-device Cas. Someone in a suit's got him...and killed Hannah angel dude.
:: That moment just before the Darkness engulfs the Impala and the boys. Eeep.
:: Who's walking barefoot?
:: Dead bodies, dude with the Darkness sickness.
:: There's that bloody window of the Impala, with a hand running down it. Who's hand???
:: Rowena wondering what Dean has unleashed on the world. Um...not really his doing! You're the one who read the spell & removed the Mark, Rowena!
:: Sneaky Dean, bloody axe, broken cup/vase, bloody bunny.
:: Cas in an alley...cops on the way.
:: That bit with the flickering lights and Dean...is that from the Lizzie Borden ep???
:: Can't help it...Crowley as a priest cracks me up.
:: Did anyone else think that was Cassie from S1 at first? Wonder who's dying?
:: Lot's O' guns and someone's shooting at Cas.
:: Eeeeee!!!! Boys eating in Baby! *glees*
:: Is that bunny dude? Uh, oh...creepy clown.
:: Who's Sam punching? Dean pulling a shotgun, bye Hannah, and Cas does not look good.
:: What's with the baby???
:: That's gotta be Riverview.
:: Oh...the Darnkess...with the creepy smoke.
:: Sam praying for God's help, more boys & guns action, Cas gets hooded, and Crowley's a little bloody.
:: OMG This shot of Dean pulling a 180 in the Impala! Wheeee!!!! That's awesome! Who's the gal? Where's Sam? I wanna know!!!

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