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Poll: Which type of SPN Episode Review?

Had a terrible time with my internet last night during the east coast live stream of the Season 11 premiere. Thankfully, by the time the hour was over it had all settled down & I caught the re-airing by WillTV. Anyway, it set me back because it then took time to get my DLs of ep and the whole evening was off.

Which is why I don't have a review of the episode yet. :(

But it got me to thinking...should I keep doing the big review posts like I've always done? Or is a shorter review more in order? Seems like others on my Flist go the short route (correct me if I'm wrong). But I thought I'd ask all of you for your input.

Either of these options works for me. However, the Quick & Short Review can be posted each Wednesday night (or should be) but the Usual Long Review will most likely not show up on my journal until Thursday evening.

What type of SPN Episode Review should I do?

Short & Quick: Just my thoughts right after the ep airs.
Usual Long Version: Quotes, my thoughts & theories, and maybe a few small caps from the ep.

Thank you all! :)

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