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SPN Filming 11x05: Picspam 2 of 7

** SPOILERS ** Don't open this post if you don't want to know.
Within are photos I took out on location the day after VanCon 2015 of the production filming 11x05, which will air on November 4th.


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Ok, picking up where we left off yesterday...

As a reminder: lots of WIND and RAIN and we were standing across the street in a driveway. There were roughly 20 of us fans there, watching. A PA stood with us and there were other ones on the street to stop traffic when they were filming.

Rehearsals done, it was time to start filming. They would actually film this scene from 2 angles, the first with the camera pointing at Jensen, so you'll see in the photos below that the camera is on the right side of the car, next to Jared.

NOTE: I will provide a zipped folder download of all my photos in the last post.

// Click on the large thumbnails to see the larger original photos //

Jared getting into the car and that's 1st AD Kevin Parks in the brown jacket behind the Impala.

Here you can clearly see there are 3 people inside the car.

Btw, Kevin Parks was the one yelling "Action" for every take. I'll explain why later.

Time for "last looks" as they say in the film business, which means props & make-up personnel do their final checks before filming.

Jensen getting his make-up taken care of.

Jensen titling his head so his hair can be fixed.

More hair fixing. Again, we couldn't see who was in the back seat, but we would find out later, once they finished filming the scene.

More discussion/hair-checking? I'm not sure.

You can see Jensen's face really well here. :)

And the crew cleared away from the left side of the car. Yay!

The car is clearly running here, the lights are on...and in the above shot.

You can see the car's been moved forward a little and you can now see the camera to the right of the car, all covered in plastic to protect it from the rain.

Filming the scene with the boys outside of the car.

If you look real close, you'll see the handcuff chain hanging from the Impala's door handle by Jensen. Again, Dean gets out, slaps the handcuff on person's wrist who is in the backseat and then puts the other end on the outside door handle.

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